Global Awakening

“The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn, art introduced me to the Revolution!”
Albert Einstein

Guess what? There’s something astonishingly beautiful happening in our world and I must gleefully admit that for the spiritually conscious person, this (r)evolution is refreshing. It’s like stepping outside on a Saturday morning in a Virginia Autumn. What am I speaking of? A spiritual re-wiring, a evolution that’s creating a new revolution and because of it, people are becoming more accepting of others albeit still slow but faster than past years. On the flip side of this is the unfortunate realization of the fact that the  spiritual evolution happening is being overshadowed by events and topics in the United States that are equally important as developing spiritual consciousness , e.g.Black Lives matters, Mass Shootings and domestic violence. These topics are extremely important and truly need immediate action taken to help resolve the issues keeping us abused, unequal and separate from one another.

Still, I have faith in human kind, I have deep faith in you and I truly believe that in the near future the aforementioned social issues will no longer have to be headliners in the news because they will cease to exist or at the very least, be happening on such a minute scale that they won’t control our social media timelines. I can hope and you can hope for this change as well but we must also take action. Hope alone won’t close the gaps elaborately confusing and dividing us every hour, every day and every week. My reasoning for having much more hope and faith in people these days versus a decade ago is that more people are becoming spiritually aware. This is great for our society because spiritually conscious people tend to be more accepting of all people and lifestyles which is in stark contrast to people who are living or practicing a religious lifestyle.  This isn’t a knock on this lifestyle but it’s a fact that most religious lifestyles are taught to convert others from who they are to what they themselves are and spiritually conscious people tend to not care about that. Most of us only care about one thing and that’s pushing our people (that’s everyone) forward together.

“The only Revolution that can really change the world is the one in your own consciousness, and mine has already begun.”
Russell Brand, Revolution

The spiritual (r)evolution happening in our modern times is without a doubt having major effects in not only our communities but also in how we view people different from us in the world. Understandably not all will agree that this evolution is a good thing for you, for me and for them and will fight drastically and dramatically for what they feel are infringements upon their basic human rights. In fact you have likely heard and seen people say/do things that are derogatory towards people who live differently, openly and spiritually instead of caring for them  and loving them. Is that the way to experience life? To stay separated from those who are different from us? Where is growth in this? Spiritualism doesn’t teach this and is often confused with Atheist but they aren’t one in the same.

Spiritualism is a religion (for lack of a better word) that gives an understanding of God and encourages us to act with a high sense of duty towards others. Spiritualism stimulates spiritual growth and prepares us for eternal existence in the spirit-world. Spiritualism is a science because it is based upon proven facts that can be demonstrated and scientifically classified. Spiritualism is the science of life as it encourages the search for truth in every department of existence, in nature and in human psychology. Spiritualism is a philosophy that attempts to understand people, their physical, intellectual, moral, and spiritual being. As Spirit is the moving force of the Universe.

I’m a firm believer that the reason you see more inter-racial dating, growing support for the LGBT community and different races coming together to “fight for what’s right” is that my generation and the generation after me are living more spiritually than religiously and are influencing the generations before us to think logically, openly and noeticlly. And if these said people who decide to live in the past don’t change, we the changers are making sure they understand that there is no turning back the hand of time or in other subliminal words to “make america great again”.  Fact, America is already great and it will be even greater when everyone begins to pull together to uplift the homeless, the impoverished, the middle class and the disenfranchised. Our time is now and the world can feel it.

Change is scary so I don’t fault people for wanting things to stay the same but I do fault people for seeing evidence presented to them that is in contrast to how they live that shows the new way is better for our society and they completely ignore it simply because they believe “it’s not natural”, “it’s not right” “it’s not what God said” or they believe it takes away from their personal gain. And let’s be honest; that’s the main reason for the push back from people who are against same-sex marriage, inter-racial dating, equal rights and/or  allowing kids and people to fully be themselves because they feel that what was once theirs is now being taken away. Their exclusive rights to God, their exclusive rights to marriage, their exclusive rights to fair pay, their exclusive rights  to better insurance, their exclusive rights to America and their exclusive rights to equal living conditions.  Nobody wants less than what they already have, we get it and honestly no one is forcing anyone to teach against their morals and beliefs but what is being asked is that you accept everyone and anyone as we believe God to do without defamation of an entire race, culture and individual.

Everyone existing in this moment has an opportunity to be either on the right side of change or the wrong side of change. When I look at images from seventy-five years ago and I see white people smiling as they stand around a chard boiled naked black man hanging from a tree I ask myself if they regret being in that moment. I wonder if they wish they were on the right side of history that said those actions are no longer acceptable and that we need to change this for the betterment of our society. When people look back at images from 2015 seventy-five years later, will you be standing on the side of the crowds standing in protest against those who feel unequal? Or will you be on the side fighting for what’s right? When you get to the gates of heaven that you believe in, will God be proud of you or will God wonder why you treated God’s angel’s in that way, knowing your actions showed hate instead of love. Many better pray and hope that God is as forgiving as it is believed.

In closing, it’s time to brush aside the need of a few and begin to do what’s right for the many. It’s true, I don’t currently know what the solutions are for our  existing problems but I do know what’s not the solution and that’s continuing to live as if everything is terrific as is. There are brothers and sisters hurting, struggling, crying for justice and it’s our responsibility to help them feel better about life. It’s the only life they and us have to live and no one should ever live it feeling like less. It’s time to stop telling people to be blessed and yet do nothing to help them be that in the way they are living. So yes, people are angry and yes people are fighting back and yes people are speaking up asking for what they rightfully deserve and it’s not going to stop anytime soon until we all come together and work through it. Luckily for us, the spiritual evolution is changing things and some will unfortunately be stuck in the past thinking the world went to hell in a hand basket when in fact it will only be the world they have boxed themselves in.

Here is a fact,  by 2050, those unaffiliated with religion (meaning spiritual people) are expected to rise from 16% to 26%,  which means religious affiliates will slightly decline, naturally. Will this trend continue? There is no way to know until we get there but the trend has been trending up fast. So fast in fact that it’s the 2nd fastest growing practice behind Islam. Does this upward trend have any correlation with what we see happening in human acceptance? Absolutely and I’m glad to be on the right side of history, change and spiritual consciousness; hopefully you’ll join me there.

Written by: Jay Noetic

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“Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”
Rosa Luxemburg



Rebel for A Cause

A closed fist is THE universal symbol that someone is angry and ready to fight. A closed fist in the air is THE universal signal that someone is ready to fight for their cause. When more than one person accumulates in one place with closed fist and hands in the air it is THE universal sign that a rebellion is taking place.

I don’t see myself as a rebel but I raise my closed fist for my cause. I’m not a freedom fighter, I’m not an insurgent  nor am I a revolutionist. I don’t rise in opposition against established governments and I do not resist authority. I trust that for the most part those who have authority are doing the best that they can in an extremely challenging and evolving world. As naive as it may be I see the best in each and every human being that exist. It’s a fact that we are who we are based on the experiences that shaped us as we grew. I do not judge people for the human greed that often overtake those who set out with the intentions of changing the world in a positive way.

It’s important to understand that we are human beings that will certainly make many decisions that aren’t ideal here and there. I stand firm that I’m not a rebel but in a sense I am a rebel by some definitions of the word.  I do revolt against things that try keep my desire for growth locked inside a box. And yes, while some boxes may hold valuable items of information; any type of box  that does not help me understand the complexity of life holds no value. I ask, what’s the point of being placed inside a box if you can’t carry me where I desire to go?

Yes, by definition I “show or feel repugnance for or resistance to something” But by this definition aren’t we all rebels? Aren’t you a rebel if racism makes you feel disgusted and you fight against it? Aren’t you a rebel if you believe that marriage is for the existence of heterosexual people only and you fight against allowing gay marriage? Aren’t you a rebel if you fight against any religious information that is not of your belief? Aren’t you a rebel if you fight for equal rights?

The word rebel has taken on a negative connotation for many different reasons but by this definition we all are rebels fighting for our cause. Be aware that rebels fighting in the middle east and other countries for their right to believe in their own system is not the only type of rebellion that exist. I for one yearn for and fight for a spiritual revolution.

We all fight for what we believe and we all push back against things that contradict that belief, especially if we feel that some things should not be forced upon us. I happen to fight against two main things in life; spiritual bondage and life entrapment. We as spiritual  human beings should be able to explore all the possibilities that exist in life without blow back from those who dare not venture into the unknown. We should also be free to challenge any form of regulations that clearly benefits the few instead of the many. If you can’t fight for the latter then you have given in to the oppression that keeps us divided instead of united.

If you look back through human history you will find many rebels. Do you think it’s a coincidence that almost every individual labeled a rebel was someone who lived in either poverty or captivity? Or was someone who fought against discrimination?  Let me name a few for you

  • Spartacus- notable leader of the slaves in the Third Servile War
  • Zhu Yuanzhang, aka-Taizu-born in a poor village as the oldest of seven children, he joined a rebel army, became emperor and established The Ming Dynasty
  • Pancho Villa-born as the oldest son in a poor peasant family
  • Harriet Tubman– Born into slavery
  • Nat Turner– Born into slavery
  • Che Guevara-Argentine physician and revolutionary who played a key role in the Cuban Revolution, traveled south america and saw the poverty and wanted to change it.
  • Mahatma Gandhi- was a lawyer who fought against British Government in an effort to seek Indian independence

This list could go on for so long that you would grow weary of reading it. The point I’m making is that rebels are only labeled rebels because they fight against things that should be every human right to have. It doesn’t matter the race or religion; what matters is the cause. And as long as there are people who want to limit what you need to have and know they will try to label you, them and I as people who like to rebel just because. But the truth is, every rebel has a true cause, it’s just a matter of whether or not you can relate to it.

If I must be labeled because of my beliefs then yes; I’m a rebel for spiritual freedom and expression. I’m a rebel for life exploration and I’m a rebel for limitless information that will benefit the masses. I’m not trying to start a war but I can understand why so many do when they are tired of being oppressed by someone else’s belief, rules and regulations. Especially when they do not benefit the people who need help the most. You too are a rebel for a cause; maybe it’s white supremacy or women’s equal rights or it’s being an advocate for equal adoption rights. No matter the cause it’s a cause you feel is worth fighting for and that makes you a rebel by definition.

Truth be told, I don’t like being told what to do and how to do it because “you say so’. That doesn’t work for me and it never has. It stopped working for me when I was a teenager and because of it I began rebelling against the rules my mom set for the house. I never truly learned anything when I was forced to learn something that someone else deemed important. I only began to truly learn when I was allowed to search for the answers by myself. This is likely the one thing that I still maintain in my life as an adult that I did as a teenager.

This rule remains true for kids and adults; when you tell someone what they can’t do you can be rest assured that they are going to go out and do it if they are curious about it anyway. No one likes being told what they can and can’t do, no one likes being placed into a box, no one likes having their back pushed up against the wall. When people feel oppressed they push back and they fight back. This is happening all over the world and while I disagree with the brutal murders that are happening across our beloved planet  I can understand why riots and protest are happening. And if you can’t, then you are failing to relate to the cause that is almost always a cause for some form of equality and/or freedom. How can you not be a rebel for that cause?

I fight to help all of you grow more in all areas of your life and I will continue to find ways of getting you the information that is needed. I might not be able to free all of you from the bondage that engulfs you but I will certainly try but like the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink” but maybe just maybe I can get you to raise your fist in the air for the cause…

I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves-Harriet Tubman

What Human’s Do:Debunking the Gender Differences

I attended a round-table discussion the other night in which the focus of the discussion was about relationships and dating or as I like to call it “The Great Debate”. If anyone has ever participated in this type of event then you understand that it can get a little heated and a little personal during the discussion. Sometimes in these type of events, all the people participating most often leave the event thinking the same way that they entered the room thinking, not learning a new perspective. The goal as I see it should always be to learn something  that you didn’t know before you entered the room.

Hopefully the twenty something people who attended the round-table learned something new, I can’t speak on that but what I can speak on is what I learned after observing the different perspectives from each individual regarding dating and relationships. I’m an observer, I like to watch and listen to what people are saying before I make an assessment or personal judgement about the situation and what I learned after assessing the conversation that night was this; that the majority of the people sitting around that table were stuck in a perspective of “this is what men do” or “this is what women do” and this is why we are single.

I should point out that it wasn’t just the opposite sex speaking about the things that men do and women do, it were men and women saying these things about themselves, generalizing an entire gender. How fair is that? Whether it was someone stating “Women like to talk about things right then and there and men don’t” (as if men can’t be that way) or “that men are visual creatures and women are emotional creatures” (as if women can’t be that way) they (those who were speaking) continued to exist in what I feel is the root cause of the problem and that’s looking through the perspective that men and women are separate when in fact we are not.

Question, what’s the point of going to a round-table discussion or even a seminar if  you’re going to remove the eyes you always had only to  replace them with a new set of eyes but continue to see the same way? The goal, again, should always be to become more enlightened so that you can improve upon the situation that you no longer want to be part of but as I sat there and listened I realized that most of the individuals didn’t realize that they have accepted the separatism that has been thrown upon them.

Separatism-the advocacy or practice of separation of a certain group of people from a larger body on the basis of ethnicity, religion, or gender.

Many people have decided that gender separatism is okay when in fact it is not okay. Is racism okay? Is class-ism okay? Are there things that men do differently from women? Of course. Are there things that women do differently than men? Of course. But the things that both men and women need at our core are the same things. The things that we think the opposite sex does the same can be said about the other and you would be continuing to do yourself a disservice to keep believing otherwise. In order to have better relationships with one another, both men and women need to stop looking at it from a perspective of “what women do” and “what men do” and learn to understand that it’s “what human’s do”.

I too use to think from a standpoint of men vs women and that to understand a woman you need to think like a woman or for a woman to understand a man she needs to think like a man. But guess what? That’s not true! And I want to help you start looking at it from the human perspective instead of the woman’s perspective or the man’s perspective because the two issues between man and woman is gender separatism and improper communication.

I was talking to a friend about this and he said ” You know, you’re right, men and women may communicate differently but as long as we are getting the same answer then that’s what matters. If i ask two different people what numbers they need to add together to reach the number ten and one says eight plus two and another says 9 plus 1, they both are correct. It may have taken a different thought process but the result is still the same”

If you are trying to understand the other gender then you need to understand that properly communicating on each level is the key to a healthier relationship. Truth is however, that each individual will communicate differently. You have to learn and adapt to each person that comes into your life. One particular method of communication will not work for each person. We all have been shaped by our experiences and so we struggle to communicate in different areas of our lives, especially if there has been no one in our lives that have helped us learn to express ourselves effectively. Be mold-able  friends, always.

Gender separatism is probably causing the biggest divide between men and women. Healthy couples always speak of “being one”, that they finish each other sentences, that they are unified. That can’t happen when you continue to live in the belief system of separatism. Stop placing all your eggs in a book or speech that is telling you that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Again, why aren’t we living on the same planet? That title alone is reinforcing separatism.  Are we separate or are we one?

“I stopped looking at relationships as “what women do” and “what men do” and started looking at relationships as “what human’s do and then I understood”. I said this quote the next day after attending the round-table discussion.  Let me explain what I mean. I recently became involved with a young woman who I’m in a relationship with, prior to that I had been single for almost four years. I too had the mentality of separatism and was having no success in trying to find a potential lover so I decided to take a hard look at my approach. It took me two years to understand it but I did.

I realized that as human beings, we all do the same things and we all need the same things that make a person and/or relationship feel worthy of our time. I asked myself what were the things that I need and then I asked myself if any of these things could be what a woman needs? Everything that I said needed and wanted I understood that so could a woman. Respect, communication, flexibility, sexual expression,patience, understanding, time, ambitions, hugs, kisses, quality time, and gifts to name a few  These are things that human’s want and do not just women, not just men. So everything that I wanted and needed I started to give to each woman I dated and I advise you to do the same.

Ask yourself, what is it that human’s do? Not what men do, not what women do. I also decided to start finding more reasons to be with someone instead of reason’s not to and I removed judgement of the situation. Stop judging other people and deciding it’s something bad because of an experience that molded you into who you are. These are the things I changed in my life and  in the last two years I became closer to being in a relationship than ever and now I am in one. I dated three women in two years and the last one has been successful as of the writing of this article.

I removed the poor communication, I removed the separatism, I removed judgement (as much as possible) and I removed the excuses as to why not and I’m encouraging you to do the same. Everything evolves friends, everything. Look at the universe and see how everything in it continues to evolve and change? So why aren’t you? Dating and relationships have evolved as well and you can either continue to say “men use to court” and “women use to call” and keep living in the past tense or you can be mold-able and evolve into what is happening now and bring a little (or a lot) of what you expect from the past into modern times. Stop allowing other people to dictate the reason’s why you are single or struggling in your relationship. Stop allowing other people to keep you separate from one another, stop allowing other people’s bad advice to continue to allow your current relationship to get further away from fixing. We are human;s  who happen to have been created slightly different in order to keep balance in relationships

You can continue to see genders in a separate state or you can choose to see it in a unified state but what I do know is, that only one of them leads to healthy, respectable relationships. If you want peace in all areas of your life (not only relationships) move beyond the man vs woman debate and move towards the human debate because the truth of matter is and the FACT of that matter is, that while we may look different and think different we all are 99.0% the same….don’t be controlled by the 1%

Flawless: Beyonce Carter

This is not what you think. No, this is not a post by a man glamouring over the curves of Beyonce (though they are nice) No this is a post about misinformation. This is a post about being uneducated on togetherness. This is a post about understanding Empowerment. Are you ready? Let’s go!

In a world where access to information is at an all time high I was shocked to see that something was missed(or was it?), ignored and not discussed by the masses in Beyoncé Carter’s Itune version of her song  “Flawless”.  Everyone was talking (especially women) about Beyoncé saying “bow down bitches” and how “hard” Beyoncé was trying to be in the song, or even worse how she isn’t being a role model for young girls. Really quick I’d like to point out that  the word bitch has become like the word Nigger. People have tried to take ownership of the word so that it no longer cuts deep the way that it use to. Women now call themselves “bitches” as a source of “empowerment” but it will always have a negative connotation attached to it  no matter how its said or who is saying it if it is said as an attack on someone’s character, precisely like the word nigger. Try as we might it still means and feels the same way if said by someone we do not know.

Truthfully speaking people using the word Bitch or Bitches doesn’t bother me any more than someone using the word Nigger, Nigga or Ninja, I don’t put my energy in to that anymore because a person’s mentality is their burden alone and besides I do understand what people are trying to do with trying to deflect the meaning behind it. I don’t have to respect it but I get it. Let us get back on subject about something  being missed among the masses. It wasn’t the aforementioned topic it was a fifty-two second part in the entire song that received little to no attention. It was fifty-two seconds of true empowerment for women but it fell on deaf ears. The words were

“We teach girls to shrink themselves to make themselves smaller. We say to girls you can have ambition but not too much, you should aim to be successful but not too successful, otherwise you’re reflecting the man.

Because I am female I am expected to aspire to marriage, I’m expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important. Now Marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support but why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage but don’t teach boys the same?

We raise girls to see each other as competitors, not for jobs or accomplishments (which I think can be a good thing) but for attention of men. We teach girls that they can’t be sexual beings the way that boys are”.

Words spoken by Chimamanda ngozi Adichie but give Beyoncé the credit she deserves for the real meaning behind her song Flawless. It was not about bitches bowing down, it was about women respecting her for what she has done and what she does. It was about her as a woman defying the odds even when it’s expected for women to aspire to marriage only. This song was about people understanding that not only did she chase her dreams down, she owns the crown regardless of what society thinks and more importantly understanding that society is misleading women. This should have been the real discussion, this should have been where our attention laid because this needs to be talked about but instead it was on something far less empowering.

Chimamanda raises a great question does she not? Why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage but don’t teach boys the same? I also ask is the disconnect between men and women happening simply because of what we are taught as little kids? Would there be a better connection if we taught both little boys and girls to aspire to the same things in life? Would there be a better connection in intimacy if we taught little boys and girls the same things emotionally?

Could it be so simple as Equal Education on living? These are the questions and topics that should be discussed, debated and fixed. I didn’t see one Facebook post, tweet or instagram picture from women about the words spoken in this song by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, instead I saw post about “I woke up like this” or trying to tear down Beyoncé for the lyrics in her songs. How about this? Instead of finding fault in her, ASPIRE to be like her in her work ethic.

The majority of society will stay true to form in its goal to mislead an uneducated people. When I say uneducated I do not speak of master degrees and PhD’s, I speak solely on common sense/knowledge. We live in an information age, not knowing truth from false is unacceptable. Women speak of wanting to be equal but try to tear down a woman who is the definition of success, not only financially but also in love and marriage (as far as we can tell).

But like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (look her up) stated, women have been taught to compete with each other instead of lifting up each other. It’s funny because  that sounds exactly like the issue that exist within  the black communities as a whole. However, this isn’t just about black people, it’s about all people not sticking together and that has to stop.  I ask, how can it be stopped if the conversations aren’t being had? How can women have a bigger voice if the women listening aren’t truly hearing?

At the end of her statement Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave the definition for Feminist: “A person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes” and sadly the majority of people who are trying to belittle Beyonce’s  accomplishments are  the same women Beyoncé is telling  to be “Flawless”.  We all know that Flawless is not possible but it can be a mentality to strive to be. It is that same drive that has allowed Beyoncé “to wake up like this” not you.

It’s time to change the conversations, its time to stop missing the empowering moments(like in this song), its time to wake up to the bigger issues at hand and its time break through the glass ceilings that have been placed there by people who don’t want women there.  It’s time to stop shrinking  and  instead it’s time to educate each other(men and women) on the misinformation being taught.

As a man I don’t care how you wake up but I do care if you don’t WAKE UP….