Super Friends:Letting People know You Love Them..

Lately, inside this mind of mine I've been asking myself one fundamental question. Do the people I care most for know that I love them? It seems like a question that would be easy to answer but the truth of the matter is I'm not so sure that they do. Sure, they understand that I'm … Continue reading Super Friends:Letting People know You Love Them..

What Human’s Do:Debunking the Gender Differences

I attended a round-table discussion the other night in which the focus of the discussion was about relationships and dating or as I like to call it "The Great Debate". If anyone has ever participated in this type of event then you understand that it can get a little heated and a little personal during … Continue reading What Human’s Do:Debunking the Gender Differences

The Butterfly Effect

A Very minute change in the initial conditions of a system can have dramatic effects on that system over time- Chaos Theory Can one small change  set off a chain of events that  lead to large-scale alterations of an event?Can a small decision that you make have a larger impact later on in life? Can a … Continue reading The Butterfly Effect

Surreal Moment:The Publishing of my Book

There was a moment at the end of 2014 that a few of my friends caught me staring at my own words. They laughed at me (and I laughed at myself) because I was holding the very first copy of my book and was reading it as if it were the very first time that … Continue reading Surreal Moment:The Publishing of my Book

Soul Mover: The Words Unsaid

So there I was listening to what this beautiful woman who had been part of my life for the last month and half was saying. She was trying to explain to me how she feels we had got to the point  we were at and all I could think about was moving on. Not moving … Continue reading Soul Mover: The Words Unsaid

Humility Is A Virtue

One of the biggest issues that I see that causes broken relationships is often the lack of humility by either one person or all people in the relationship. It's often misunderstood as a weakness, almost on the same level of one being meek. But being meek doesn't make you weak, in fact, many spiritual practices … Continue reading Humility Is A Virtue

The Variables of Life

"There are many equations for a successful life but the only one that makes sense, is the one you create" Jay Noetic" I awoke this morning with a word on my mind and even as I write these words I'm not sure why this word has been stuck in the  cognitive quicksand that is my … Continue reading The Variables of Life

The Baggage that We Carry

“The past is never where you think you left it.” ― Katherine Anne Porter Imagine for a moment that right now, in your present moment that you've been holding on to every memory created in the past and every action done to you  in the past. If our past truly molds us into who we … Continue reading The Baggage that We Carry

The Harder Decisions In Life

“All you can do is make your decisions based on what you know now.” ― Malinda Lo, Huntress I made a decision last week that was neither easy nor comfortable. I struggled in making this decision for many reasons because I knew that no matter how good we think  we are at being a great … Continue reading The Harder Decisions In Life