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Sexual Frustration: The Exploitations and Limitations Regarding Our Natural Action

May 29, 2014

In Greek Mythology there was Aphrodite and her retinue that included ¬†Anteros, Eros, Himeros, Hedylogos, Hymen and Pothos, also known as “The Erotes”. They were winged Gods associated with love and sex. In Hindu mythology it was Kamadeva and Rati. In Roman mythology it was Venus, Cupid and Suadela. In Aztec mythology there was Xochiquetzal,… Read More ›

Domestic Violence: Weak Men and The People Who Accept it

I come from a family where domestic violence has tormented multiple women in my family. I could tell you the story of how I watched my mom get beat by my dad when I was a young boy and I could tell you the story of my older sister and how she too was beat… Read More ›

Its Been Awhile

There was never a time in my life where I wasn’t able to express how I’m feeling through the words I put down on paper or typed in an online journal. There were many words that gushed out of me on a weekly basis that I often didn’t have enough time to write it all… Read More ›

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