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Modern Day Dating Phases

April 21, 2017

Like many people who get out of relationships I found myself trying to replace the void that existed too soon. I went on a few dates soon after my break up only to realize that I wasn’t ready to bring someone new into my life and so I decided to take a step back from dating anyone when I realized I wasn’t quite healed.

An Equation that I do not Know

A lot has  been happening in my life since the end of 2015 that has drastically altered my world. As some of you have probably noticed I barely come to this place anymore. I imagine that if untouched blogs could resemble real life things then my blog resembles a old house that looks good on… Read More ›

16 Reasons Why You Should Date a Male Empath

Before we get into these sixteen reasons you should date a male empath let’s answer the question of “what is an empath”. Being an empath is when you are affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others.

Humility Is A Virtue

One of the biggest issues that I see that causes broken relationships is often the lack of humility by either one person or all people in the relationship. It’s often misunderstood as a weakness, almost on the same level of one being meek. But being meek doesn’t make you weak, in fact, many spiritual practices… Read More ›

The Variables of Life

“There are many equations for a successful life but the only one that makes sense, is the one you create” Jay Noetic” I awoke this morning with a word on my mind and even as I write these words I’m not sure why this word has been stuck in the  cognitive quicksand that is my… Read More ›

Happiness: Finding it, Keeping it & Sharing it

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free There are two things in our lives that we all most assuredly want before our spirits move on to infinite bliss. Those two things are love and happiness. We all want this. You want… Read More ›

Transformation: How I Became The Person People Like

Trans.for.ma.tion: A thorough and dramatic change in form or appearance I remember vividly when it began. I was twenty two years old and I was angry at the world. I was sitting on the “stoop” in the middle of summer pondering life with two guys I had recently befriended in the apartment complex. One guy was… Read More ›

Unforgettable Memories and The People Who Touch Our Hearts

“We are born into the world without being able to choose our family (good and bad), but with some wisdom and life experience we choose friends who become our family”- Linai Booker My friend Linai (www.linaibooker.com) made the above statement on her facebook status over the weekend after attending an event that I hosted in… Read More ›

What is Fear?

Children know no fear until we show it to them; YOU knew nothing of fear until it was taught to you. It is only as we are taught that we learn to be afraid. I’d like you to clear your mind of any negative thoughts that may be thriving in your mind regarding the notion… Read More ›

Spiritual Detachment: The Misconception

Hard work spent understanding self Overcoming the false identity  of physical wealth Keen awareness of being led by the ego The best path to walk is the path of letting go. Not understood by most they boast in their own airing’s Unaware beings confuse detachment  with nonchalant and non-caring Its the furthest from the truth… Read More ›

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