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Well this is Awkward:Religious Insensitivity

October 27, 2017

“Let us bow our heads and pray in order to give thanks to Jesus for this food that we’re about to receive“. I stand there for a moment looking around the room; waiting for someone to acknowledge that I don’t believe in this practice anymore and haven’t for over eleven years but no acknowledgement comes…. Read More ›

Confrontational Dialogue:A Social Media Epidemic

The revolution will not be socialvised. Yes, I know it’s not a word (yet) but I’m coining it from this moment on. Your revolution will not be SOCIAL-vised; meaning the battles you fight on social media are rarely successful. The arguments that you participate in on social media rarely changes the opinion of your oppressor… Read More ›

16 Reasons Why You Should Date a Male Empath

Before we get into these sixteen reasons you should date a male empath let’s answer the question of “what is an empath”. Being an empath is when you are affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others.

Global Awakening

“The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn, art introduced me to the Revolution!” ― Albert Einstein Guess what? There’s something astonishingly beautiful happening in our world and I must gleefully admit that for the spiritually conscious person, this (r)evolution is refreshing. It’s like stepping outside on a Saturday morning in a Virginia Autumn…. Read More ›

Modern Day Dating: Pedigree Men vs Degree Men

Ladies, could it be time to think differently about the men that you do or don’t date? Do you only date inside your race? Do you only date men with the same religious faith as you? Do you only date men who resemble the “image” you’ve had in your mind since you were twenty-one? Do… Read More ›

Overcoming The Small Business Burnout

Small business owners deal with many responsibilities when it comes to the business they’re growing. Not only are they the CEO but they also have to be the sales manager, the marketing manager,social media manager and accountant to name a few. At times trying to balance all of these different roles can leave the small… Read More ›

Rebel for A Cause

A closed fist is THE universal symbol that someone is angry and ready to fight. A closed fist in the air is THE universal signal that someone is ready to fight for their cause. When more than one person accumulates in one place with closed fist and hands in the air it is THE universal… Read More ›

Super Friends:Letting People know You Love Them..

Lately, inside this mind of mine I’ve been asking myself one fundamental question. Do the people I care most for know that I love them? It seems like a question that would be easy to answer but the truth of the matter is I’m not so sure that they do. Sure, they understand that I’m… Read More ›

The Butterfly Effect

A Very minute change in the initial conditions of a system can have dramatic effects on that system over time- Chaos Theory Can one small change  set off a chain of events that  lead to large-scale alterations of an event?Can a small decision that you make have a larger impact later on in life? Can a… Read More ›

Surreal Moment:The Publishing of my Book

There was a moment at the end of 2014 that a few of my friends caught me staring at my own words. They laughed at me (and I laughed at myself) because I was holding the very first copy of my book and was reading it as if it were the very first time that… Read More ›

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