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Modern Day Dating Phases

April 21, 2017

Like many people who get out of relationships I found myself trying to replace the void that existed too soon. I went on a few dates soon after my break up only to realize that I wasn’t ready to bring someone new into my life and so I decided to take a step back from dating anyone when I realized I wasn’t quite healed.

I Know What I Need and It’s Uncomfortable

I know what I need and I won’t settle for anything less We’ve all heard this above statement plenty of times throughout our  adult life and it’s very likely that you have uttered these words to your friend. Most often this statement is spoken when someone ask another person why they’re single. It’s true, join any relationship… Read More ›

Modern Day Dating: Pedigree Men vs Degree Men

Ladies, could it be time to think differently about the men that you do or don’t date? Do you only date inside your race? Do you only date men with the same religious faith as you? Do you only date men who resemble the “image” you’ve had in your mind since you were twenty-one? Do… Read More ›

Super Friends:Letting People know You Love Them..

Lately, inside this mind of mine I’ve been asking myself one fundamental question. Do the people I care most for know that I love them? It seems like a question that would be easy to answer but the truth of the matter is I’m not so sure that they do. Sure, they understand that I’m… Read More ›

What Human’s Do:Debunking the Gender Differences

I attended a round-table discussion the other night in which the focus of the discussion was about relationships and dating or as I like to call it “The Great Debate”. If anyone has ever participated in this type of event then you understand that it can get a little heated and a little personal during… Read More ›

Soul Mover: The Words Unsaid

So there I was listening to what this beautiful woman who had been part of my life for the last month and half was saying. She was trying to explain to me how she feels we had got to the point  we were at and all I could think about was moving on. Not moving… Read More ›

The Harder Decisions In Life

“All you can do is make your decisions based on what you know now.” ― Malinda Lo, Huntress I made a decision last week that was neither easy nor comfortable. I struggled in making this decision for many reasons because I knew that no matter how good we think  we are at being a great… Read More ›

Modern Day Dating: Tips For The Modern Age Dater

Let’s be honest, Dating has become almost unbearable for most of the single people out there. Unless you are simply looking for sexual encounters (nothing wrong with that) or not ready for a serious commitment (nothing wrong with this either) most have given up hope of finding a potential mate. If you were to sit… Read More ›

Dating Jay:The Bonafide Top 40 Things…hehehe

Ah yes, getting to know someone in the beginning of the dating phase can be either very exciting, extremely dull, extremely scary or combination of all three. God be with you if you come across the person who fits the mold of all three. If I had one suggestion for you if you find yourself… Read More ›

Sexual Frustration: The Exploitations and Limitations Regarding Our Natural Action

In Greek Mythology there was Aphrodite and her retinue that included  Anteros, Eros, Himeros, Hedylogos, Hymen and Pothos, also known as “The Erotes”. They were winged Gods associated with love and sex. In Hindu mythology it was Kamadeva and Rati. In Roman mythology it was Venus, Cupid and Suadela. In Aztec mythology there was Xochiquetzal,… Read More ›

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