An Equation that I do not Know

A lot has  been happening in my life since the end of 2015 that has drastically altered my world. As some of you have probably noticed I barely come to this place anymore. I imagine that if untouched blogs could resemble real life things then my blog resembles a old house that looks good on … Continue reading An Equation that I do not Know

Modern Day Dating: Pedigree Men vs Degree Men

Ladies, could it be time to think differently about the men that you do or don't date? Do you only date inside your race? Do you only date men with the same religious faith as you? Do you only date men who resemble the "image" you've had in your mind since you were twenty-one? Do … Continue reading Modern Day Dating: Pedigree Men vs Degree Men

Rebel for A Cause

A closed fist is THE universal symbol that someone is angry and ready to fight. A closed fist in the air is THE universal signal that someone is ready to fight for their cause. When more than one person accumulates in one place with closed fist and hands in the air it is THE universal … Continue reading Rebel for A Cause

The Variables of Life

"There are many equations for a successful life but the only one that makes sense, is the one you create" Jay Noetic" I awoke this morning with a word on my mind and even as I write these words I'm not sure why this word has been stuck in the  cognitive quicksand that is my … Continue reading The Variables of Life

The Baggage that We Carry

“The past is never where you think you left it.” ― Katherine Anne Porter Imagine for a moment that right now, in your present moment that you've been holding on to every memory created in the past and every action done to you  in the past. If our past truly molds us into who we … Continue reading The Baggage that We Carry

When Loneliness Strikes

“The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” ― Mother Teresa Two nights ago I was laying across my couch watching an episode of suits when I began feeling slightly lonely. I would like to tell you that I was a bit surprised by this "feeling" because I hadn't felt that way in at … Continue reading When Loneliness Strikes

Heaven and Hell: Its Possible we’re living it.

I remember vividly when I was about 18 years of age being asked by someone important in my life if I thought I'd go to heaven or hell when I die? I was asked that question because I no longer wanted to go to church. My answer was of course I thought I'd be going to … Continue reading Heaven and Hell: Its Possible we’re living it.

Revolutionary (Excerpt from my 2nd book I’m working on)

Chapter 1: Revolutionary “My revolution might not be televised but it will be broadcasted with one solitary sound wave, my voice.” Too much time is spent trying to fortify our lives with the justification of others. We speak like others, dance like others and even at times carry our daily lives like others.  I will … Continue reading Revolutionary (Excerpt from my 2nd book I’m working on)

If My Tomorrow Never Comes…(Poem)

What About Tomorrow If my tomorrow never comes please let me be remembered for the lives that I changed. I am unsure of the exact amount but does it really matter the exact range? Whether it be 1 or 10 let them remember the collectiveness that I was striving to be Let them remember the … Continue reading If My Tomorrow Never Comes…(Poem)


I should be sleeping right now but I'm not. I feel myself being tired but I am unable to close my eyes. Its 1:00am and I just turned the t.v. off to gather my thoughts. I just finished watching a show thats on demand called "Enlightened". I began watching this show last weekend in boredom. … Continue reading Enlightened