Confrontational Dialogue:A Social Media Epidemic

The revolution will not be socialvised. Yes, I know it's not a word (yet) but I'm coining it from this moment on. Your revolution will not be SOCIAL-vised; meaning the battles you fight on social media are rarely successful. The arguments that you participate in on social media rarely changes the opinion of your oppressor … Continue reading Confrontational Dialogue:A Social Media Epidemic

Are you his Safe Haven?


Most women are nurturer's and when most women who are nurturers see someone they love or care for hurting they mostly go into "let me help you FEEL better" mode. Now; let's be clear here that not all women are nurturer's just like all men aren't fixer's. Truth be told some women have what society … Continue reading Are you his Safe Haven?

Modern Day Dating Phases


Like many people who get out of relationships I found myself trying to replace the void that existed too soon. I went on a few dates soon after my break up only to realize that I wasn't ready to bring someone new into my life and so I decided to take a step back from dating anyone when I realized I wasn't quite healed.

An Equation that I do not Know

A lot has  been happening in my life since the end of 2015 that has drastically altered my world. As some of you have probably noticed I barely come to this place anymore. I imagine that if untouched blogs could resemble real life things then my blog resembles a old house that looks good on … Continue reading An Equation that I do not Know

I Know What I Need and It’s Uncomfortable

I know what I need and I won't settle for anything less We've all heard this above statement plenty of times throughout our  adult life and it's very likely that you have uttered these words to your friend. Most often this statement is spoken when someone ask another person why they're single. It's true, join any relationship … Continue reading I Know What I Need and It’s Uncomfortable

Global Awakening

“The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn, art introduced me to the Revolution!” ― Albert Einstein Guess what? There's something astonishingly beautiful happening in our world and I must gleefully admit that for the spiritually conscious person, this (r)evolution is refreshing. It's like stepping outside on a Saturday morning in a Virginia Autumn. … Continue reading Global Awakening

Modern Day Dating: Pedigree Men vs Degree Men

Ladies, could it be time to think differently about the men that you do or don't date? Do you only date inside your race? Do you only date men with the same religious faith as you? Do you only date men who resemble the "image" you've had in your mind since you were twenty-one? Do … Continue reading Modern Day Dating: Pedigree Men vs Degree Men

Overcoming The Small Business Burnout

Small business owners deal with many responsibilities when it comes to the business they're growing. Not only are they the CEO but they also have to be the sales manager, the marketing manager,social media manager and accountant to name a few. At times trying to balance all of these different roles can leave the small … Continue reading Overcoming The Small Business Burnout

Rebel for A Cause

A closed fist is THE universal symbol that someone is angry and ready to fight. A closed fist in the air is THE universal signal that someone is ready to fight for their cause. When more than one person accumulates in one place with closed fist and hands in the air it is THE universal … Continue reading Rebel for A Cause