About Jay Noetic

There is nothing special about me (other than I’m special); I am not a professor of any university or college; I do not have a degree in any type of religious or spiritual area.  I’m not a pastor of a church nor am I an ordained minister. I am just like you; your average spiritual being experiencing physical life as a human being . And it is because of this fact alone that people all over the world will directly relate to what I write.

At the age 25(now 32) I began to ask serious questions about my life that I needed answers to. I was unhappy physically, mentally, financially, spiritually and emotionally. That’s every area of life that is important to a human being on mother earth. I began searching for answers for the peace I sought and over the next few years I slowly but surely became more understanding of life’s situations.

I’ve come full circle from a person who was baptized in church at 12, left church at 18, hated God from the ages of 19-21, back to church from the ages of 22-24 and now a spiritual believer from the age of 25 to present day. Through these struggles I realized that all of my friends were going through the same problems that I was but most of them just accepted it as part of life and were doing nothing to get real answers. I understood that they too were spiritually unaware and would continue to be spiritually ignorant if no one helped.

I was always an avid reader and through my journey I began to read Christian books, Buddhist books, spiritual books and the like. When reading these books I realized that the majority of the books tailored towards the struggling individual but was written from a perspective of someone ordained or no longer struggling. Where were the books written where the author was in the midst of the problem while figuring out the solution?

     There needed to be a different perspective

So I began writing with a voice I never knew existed, mostly in poetry form; because as I struggled for answers I wrote poetry for a release from all the thoughts in my head. My survival gave birth to these words and along the way I found an authentic voice that I knew could open minds and changes lives.

I wrote a book called the Unbelievable Truth (I haven’t published yet)and I’ve never stopped writing since. So this is my personal blog, some of my deepest thoughts, questions and unbiased beliefs. Some may be offended and some may not understand(yet) but if they open their minds one day they will.

Please follow me and enjoy the words that can lead to an awakening


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