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Surreal Moment:The Publishing of my Book

There was a moment at the end of 2014 that a few of my friends caught me staring at my own words. They laughed at me (and I laughed at myself) because I was holding the very first copy of my book and was reading it as if it were the very first time that I’ve read the words in the pages. And in reality it was the very first time that I was reading THOSE words in THOSE pages. I explained to them that it was a little surreal (unreal, bizarre, unusual, weird, strange, freakish,unearthly, uncanny, dreamlike) because prior to that moment I had only been talking about my book for the last four years. Before that moment, it was just a dream, a goal that I wanted to accomplish and even though I know that behind the scenes I was putting in the work to make it happen you still wonder if it will ever happen. Some of the best laid plans go awry.  Until it’s done one still wonders if it would happen.

I believed without a shadow of doubt that the moment that this book was given to the world that my path would begin to go in a direction that I only dreamed of. So there I was, sitting in my friends home reading my words in book form (she had managed to buy the first copy from the amazon site). It was unusual because I had given birth to this book and all that I put into the book was now out in the world forever. Forever to be praised or forever to be ridiculed and picked apart. You are probably asking, what’s the difference between me blogging my thoughts and publishing a book? The difference is, I blog for clarity in hopes that my authenticity inspires others to seek a better version of themselves. I don’t blog for profit, I don’t blog to become known to the world, blogging was not a dream of mine that I seeked. It’s just another way for me to get all of my Aquarius thoughts out of my mind; it’s my journal. But my book? My book is my introduction to the world, it’s my “Hello world, here I am”. It was a goal, a dream, a mission and no matter how much I believe the product to be good, that won’t derail people from talking bad about my book.

As I read the words I could see my progression in my writing style. There are many blog entries that I’ve written that I feel are better than some of the words that I wrote in the book. That’s not to say that the words in the book aren’t good, it’s just to say that I’ve progressed to a better writer and that’s a good thing. It means that I’ve grown even more since the completion of my book but that’s where I was in my life at that moment and that moment will help many. Speaking of help, I had help in getting this book into the hands of the many and if it wasn’t for a new friend believing in me and investing some money into what I’m trying to do, my book would not be ready to be bought right now. I’m very thankful to her and will always be there to return the favor whenever she needs it. We all need help along the way in certain areas of our life and it’s important for us to not be too proud to accept the help and advice.

I hope that all of you who follow this blog will invest in me and the vision I have for the world. This book is only the first step along the plan of even bigger things that the Universe/God has put in my spirit. We are living in a time where spiritual awakening is happening and I’m part of the process that will awaken more souls. I’m very excited about this accomplishment and I can’t wait for you to read the book and furthermore I can’t wait to hear your feedback. I’m having a book release party on Feb. 9th, 2015 but you can buy the book now if you don’t want to wait. I’ll provide the links at the end of this entry.

Regardless of the impact of my first entry into the Author world is, the impact that it has had on me is unforgettable. It feels amazing feeling the paper between my fingers instead of reading it on the screen in microsoft word format. Signing books for my friends is strange as well but it’s also a great feeling and I just hope that they are proud of me and can relate to the words in the book. I hope that you will be proud of me and I hope that you can relate to the words in the book and will share the book with a friend. I’m more motivated that ever and I want you to be with me through the process. I have at least three more books planned on top of getting my life coaching certification. I’m also working on a new belief system…crazy right? But I have a feeling in my spirit that won’t go away regarding that last bit and if you only know one thing about me, know this. I believe that anything that stays in your spirit for a period of time, then that means it needs to be done. It’s a spiritual awakening and I’m going to change the world. Thank all of you for your support!  We are all in this together! Love and respect

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