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Taking No Responsibility: How Blaming the Devil and Thanking God Is Holding You Back

I am unapologetic when it comes to speaking the truth about the things that we as human’s do and don’t do. Our actions intrigue me because I believe that at our core, we all are very similar and identical and I believe at the core of all the things we claim to be or not to be is our interactions with not only each other but with how we fit our lives around what our beliefs are. So I spend a lot of time dissecting people’s words and action’s. I analyze not so that I can be right but so that I can understand better. I want to be a better people person, i want to be better at understanding people and I want to be better at communicating with people.

What I do understand is that we spiritual beings are like onions that are unpeeled. We have different layers to us that we feel are precious or important and do not take very kindly to other people trying to peel our layers away without permission. Each layer is a belief that we have intertwined into our lives and most of us when peeling, peel the onion incorrectly. Truthfully most of us cut the onion in ways that makes us cry because we have failed to understand the process of proper dissection.

This  peeling and revealing is not an easy task and never will be. We are protective about who we think we are. With each layer that we try to dissect we realize that the layer we are dissecting has been infused with a belief. Let me ask you a question, have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who believes something completely different than you and don’t want to hear another possible way? Frustrating right? And what normally happens? The conversation is either very short, one-sided or verbally aggressive/defensive and people take FULL Responsibility for their believes un-apologetically. Defending their points and counterpoint even if the facts don’t add up.

We all do this to a certain extent. It takes a very open-minded individual to be able to not only hear what someone with a different believe is saying but to also not be critical of them while also acknowledging that it could be true. As I’ve grown as a spiritual being I’ve learned there is no greater power than self-reflection that leads to a deeper self-examination that ultimately leads to a deeper understanding of self. I’ve done these things and what I’ve learned so far is that there is one main area of people’s lives that many have decided to take NO RESPONSIBILITY for. This area is in taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY of one’s Life.

I’m going to ask you two questions. It will be quite troubling for some(maybe even blasphemous)which is okay and for others it will be so thought-provoking that they will “get it” and become even more awake and their light will grow brighter. Two questions, are you ready?

  1. Who would we blame for our troubles if Devil didn’t exist? (yikes)
  2. Who would we give all our credit to if God didn’t exist? (oh boy)

Wow, those may be the two hardest questions to answer in your life but if properly examined the answer to both will move you forward because they both end with you! But think about it and then answer it out loud! Maybe have your “aha” moment. The debate is not whether or not either exist  but if you want become more conscious and live a better, stronger and smarter life, then it is advise that you evaluate why many people put blame on Devil and always thank God for the good. You may do this and not even be aware.  In fact, if you were to go back(I encourage you to do so) and look at all the things that have transpired in your life there will be only one common denominator, you.

Let’s talk about the first question. If there was no devil who would you blame for your troubles? Would you be able to blame another person who doesn’t have control over your life? It’s possible, but would that be truthful? How could someone else be the cause of your pain if you aren’t allowing them to? The only person that you would be able to blame would be yourself.  If devil didn’t exist and you know that you do then isn’t it quite possible that all your troubles are self-induced?

If you are a believer in ‘the” devil then you can admit that we can’t prove that “the” Devil is the reason for your issues no more than someone who doesn’t believe in the devil can blame negative energy on theirs. Who is the main contributor to your troubles? Believing that Devil or as I have come to know it (d)evil, negative energy is keeping you from reaching your path, your goals, your greatness is doing a disservice to the beautiful goodness that you are. As I wrote in my other blog entry ” Praying: The Power of  Belief vs The Power of Action” it’s easier to deflect instead of reflect.

It’s not a good feeling evaluating one’s life only to come to a conclusion that you are the problem. No one wants to be wrong, to be the issue, the common denominator. It’s a tough pill to swallow but I’m here to help you understand that the Devil you may believe in is not the problem. Believing that the devil is blocking you IS the problem. Remember, it’s easier to point at others than it is ourselves. Be truthful with yourself, the problem is you or your friends giving the devil power over you. If the devil didn’t exist you would have no one to blame besides you. I don’t believe that the devil lives. I take full responsibility for my troubles.

Responsibility means “the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something”. It comes from Respond which means “morally accountable for one’s actions”. So when you take no Responsibility for your troubles you are admitting that you can’t be held accountable for your actions. How can that be though? How can you not be in your situation right now without you being in control of it? You can’t move without your will, you can’t speak without your tongue. Even if devil exist in the way that many believe “him” to be, they are giving “him” way too much credit in their lives.

Let’s talk about question number two just briefly. Everything that I just mentioned in reference to Devil and I say devil instead of THE devil because we don’t say THE God.  To use modern logic, If there is only one true God and  there must be an opposite of God and it must only be one True Devil. Speaking  in the sense that many believe both to exist in the spiritual realm. Back on topic, who would we give all our credit to if God didn’t exist? Again, I’m not stating that God doesn’t exist but what if God did not? We can’t currently prove that God does exist.

So, if God didn’t exist and yet we still had and have good things happening in our lives who would be thankful for? We could no longer say ” I thank God”. Is it possible that you would only be able to say “I thank me” Would it be wrong to take credit for what you have done? Absolutely not. In fact, we need to take more credit for all the good that we have in our life. God or any pure spirit forms can’t operate in the physical realm. But you do! This is our Kingdom that we share with all. Giving God all your credit is another example of people deflecting instead of reflecting.

It’s a lose lose situation giving all the credit to God(contrary to popular belief). How often do you hear people say ” I give God all the glory, Forever and ever”. Let us not be ignorant, God can help open doors but they are the same doors you already knew you needed to walk through, likewise in blaming all the bad on the devil because it takes  the “I” out of the equation.  There will be no progression if we can’t change from who we are without acknowledging our part in the degrading of self. It is only in the “I’ that one comes to understand self. By deflecting on both ends you are literally “taking no responsibility” in your life. You are wiping your hands clean of any of the good and bad that exist.

With that logic, all that we have, do and will ever do happen because of coincidences. They happen because of what God and Devil decide is needed in our life. Thankfully, this is not the truth of the universe we exist in. The Universe that we exist in clearly shows that men and women are the creators of our very own fortunes and misfortunes. It is because of your faith in believing that God is ordering your steps that keeps you pushing is it not? Through that same faithful push something else is happening. What is it? It’s you putting in the work or lack of work.

When we put in the lack of work many are then believing that God is allowing Devil to afflict them but is it God and his brother? Or is it simply you. Question, do you want progression? Then take the same amount of faith that you place in Devil and God and place half of that in yourself. It’s unfortunate, people give Devil more credit than they give themselves and yet they say “the devil is a liar”. Who’s the real liar in our lives? Devil or us?

I thank God sometimes, not nearly as much as I use to. Not because I don’t believe that God  doesn’t exist and not because I don’t think God is listening but because I understand that the most appreciative action I can do for God is to LIVE. To live is to do and so I do the things near and dear to my life. God has not told me or any other spiritual being who lives our lives in this way that we are in the wrong or going to hell. In fact I grew exponentially and exceptionally when I focused my gaze within instead of without.

Take responsibility of your life until it has been proven that God and Devil are affecting your life in the way(s) that you believe it to be. A loving all-inclusive God will not judge you harshly or refuse to forgive you for truly living if the day comes that you are standing at the gates of Heaven. Maybe I’m of a different breed when it comes to questioning everything that I deem to be significant but I started questioning certain logic at the age of eight-teen.

It was simple questions such as, “If God gives favor over his own believers, why then do those who don’t believe tend to have more than those who don’t”.  The answer’s that I received from my mom or those in church were always similar. “Your riches will be heaven”, “you must go through the bad before God blesses you” “Because we sinned” “Because we aren’t ready yet”. What’s the common denominator in all of these answers? I had no control over any of it. These answers were only temporary band aids on an open wound that needed surgery. Eventually, I needed more because I was doing the things they told me I needed to do and it still wasn’t good enough.

If you take nothing else away from this entry, take this. I realized that we should never be so self-centered to believe there is nothing  above us but not naive is enough to never question whether or not that’s true. I realized that I should be smart enough to never think myself the most high but not ignorant enough to believe that I’m the most low. I understand that maybe we shouldn’t praise ourselves but we should respect ourselves enough to build ourselves higher. Below are the tips that I started to apply to my very own life at the age of twenty-five that spear-headed the growth in my life. I continue to use these tips whenever I need a reminder or need to refocus. I hope that they can work for you as much as they have worked for me.

  1. Believe wholeheartedly in yourself
  2. Take responsibility for the bad
  3. Take responsibility for the Good
  4. Be thankful each day
  5. Live how you want, not how others tell you should
  6. Evaluate why you are in similar situations each year
  7. Put a plan of attack together to progress not regress
  8. Don’t use God and Devil as a crutch
  9. Don’t use people as your crutch
  10. Let go of the things that you can’t control
  11. Stop using your past as a crutch
  12. Question everything un-apologetically
  13. Understand that God loves you no matter what you choose to do, who you choose to be or  what you choose to believe
  14. Place yourself around someone or people who can guide you on the knowledge you need (without them wanting anything in return)
  15. Love ferociously and forgive continuously

“No one will ever blame you for trying to get it right.”

― Lorii MyersMake It Happen, A Healthy, Competitive Approach to Achieving Personal Success




Praying: The Power of Belief vs The Power of Action



  1. I agree wholeheartedly. We have somehow placed these human, ego traits onto ‘God’, like he/she needs or craves praise and thanks. He/She appreciates it, sure, but we have created and shaped an image of God that has low-vibration human attributes, in many ways.
    I am God. And so are you. So is your neighbor. So is your co-worker, your brother, your mom, etc. However, I know, in this society, those would be considered blasphemous statements. How crazy is that? I must be like what I came from. Right? The same for you too. A cup of water is still water even if it’s separated from its original, ocean source at any given moment.

    I think of ‘the devil’ as a synonym for an unchecked, outta control ego, and just fear, itself.

    Thanks for sharing.

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