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Praying: The Power of Belief vs The Power of Action


What I’m about to write will bother many people and I’m likely not to get any comments and not very many likes, it’s controversial. In fact some people may be so turned off by this entry that they may not follow me anymore on my blog mainly because it will challenge what they have been taught.  In earnest, If I wrote for likes then I wouldn’t be writing at all, so all the aforementioned things are okay with me, because in order for me to reach the individuals who truly want to change their lives and get closer to the peace they seek, it requires me to be open and honest about the reality that we exist in and belief in. Very rarely does growth happen when we do not challenge our beliefs, our thinking and quite frankly our existence in relation to what is true and untrue.

Personally, I’ve been thinking about prayer a lot lately and examining where it fits in my life. Through questioning many things and then having a examination of those questions and answers I’ve been able to reach a point in my life where I’m better understanding my place in the universe and have learned to pay attention to actions instead of words and beliefs. (This goes for my human relationships as well). If we examine the actions of THE God, the Universe(also God), Earth (also God), animals(also God) and humans (also God), we will see that the natural action of Gods is not in what we say or believe, it is in our actions.

I’ve likely just rubbed someone the wrong way with the God’s comment, so let me take a quick side step to address this. When we examine the heaven’s “from which our energy comes” and where we “belief God to exist” you will see that we are still connected to God. The molecules, the particles, the dark matter(68% of the universe) at the very least makes sure we are connected. Very much like how we are still connected to our biological mother and father due to their combination of DNA that now exist in us also allows us to be connected to God. We are our mother and father combined/existing in another form, we are an extension of our parents. Therefore, if everything is still connected to God (our mother and father, The I am) then we too are Gods for we cannot not be something that we came from.

If we were created in “his likeness” then we are Gods. Even the bible says this in Psalms 82:6- 6” I said, You are gods, And all of you are sons of the Most High” It is right there, clear as a Caribbean day in spring but we ignore it. but I digress.

God or not, I’ve learned that the actions of all that exist is what brings to fruition the things we desire or need. So it bother’s me slightly when I hear people say things such as “I’m praying for you”, “I prayed to God for” or “I pray for this and I pray for that”. Why does it bother me? Because in essence prayer does not work or shall I say prayer ALONE does not work.  When we keep in mind that nature is based in actions why would merely “speaking things into existence” be enough? Why would praying/speaking to God be enough?

It’s not, and while there is “power in the tongue” it does not have more power than what we do. I could speak harm against you and hope that it comes or I can go and cause harm to you and know that it will be done. Speaking is rarely enough, that’s why no one can keep us down by speaking down to us unless we allow them do so.

We can’t just pray and be done, if you are going to pray for me then I also ask you to show me a better action that will help yield me the results to a better me. I’m not going to tell you that God does not answer prayers because there is no way to prove that God does not but we do know that God does not answer ALL prayers. This is proven in the murders and various crimes against humanity, mother nature and the like. If God answered all prayers many things that exist right now, would not. That is not debatable.

Still, people will debate and debating with an open mind is good, it brings forth questions that may not have been asked. Are you a person that prays constantly? Can I help those of you who pray, pray and pray hoping for a change? Do more actions do less praying and if that bothers you then do them both equally. Too many people are doing more praying than they are doing action and are still in the same situation they so badly want out of. Stop praying for people and start doing for people. This is the one PROVEN way to get results. I know this may be uncomfortable to hear but all your prayers aren’t being answered. The old church adage “God may not answer when you want him but he always answers right on time” is false in a sense.

When the outcome that you needed comes to fruition, it is not because of THE God but it is because of A God, you. Remember, you are part of God still, we can not come from something and not be part of it still! We are from which we come. So God IS answering your prayers when you decide to put forth the actions, it’s just that you are giving credit to “the beginning” the majority of the time, instead of yourself.

I know people feel that it’s blasphemy to call ourselves Gods because people like to believe (or have been taught) that we aren’t good enough. That we were cast out of heaven for doing wrong, that we are disconnected from the Source, but it’s all false. We are good enough! You are good enough. You and I may not be the Alpha and omega but we are an extension of the one. What we do, we essentially create which is another action and isn’t it another sign of our mother, father and The I am? Creation= action.

The difficulty in believing more so in actions and less in praying lies in a deep-rooted issue called “deflecting” (verb sense). It is easier to deflect responsibility on to someone or something else rather than to REFLECT, (to absorb). There are too many people (maybe you) who are waiting around for a miracle or prayer to be answered instead of going out and doing the things that could answer the prayer you sent up to the heavens.

I talk to God(which is essentially what prayer is). I ask God to give me clarity in my mind, body and spirit on certain topics and then I go do things that help me get clarity and then I do what I “feel” is being communicated. The question becomes again, is that God answering my prayers or was it because I did things that helped me get the answer? While there is no way to prove that God did “The I am” part, there is proof in the pudding of me doing my part. Maybe it’s in the combination of the two?

What I do know and understand is that if you want to get further along your path to peace, you need to begin with “I”, not in the ego, self-centered type of way but in the sense of

  • I am responsible for my actions
  • I am to blame for what exist and doesn’t exist in my life
  • I am in control of my ego
  • I am in control of my being
  • I am the reason why…(feel in blank)
  • I am a God on Earth (the hardest to understand and believe)

I am thankful for your prayers and you talking to God about me but God might not answer you, so does that mean your concern for me is no longer warranted?Should I continue to suffer merely because God had another prayer to answer? Should you continue to struggle if I have the capability to help you? Can I not answer your prayer by doing an action? Can us God’s not answers prayers?

And if we do, would you not accept it? Sure you would, this happens all the time. People just disguise it as “God sent you to me”. No, I sent me to you and you sent you to me (if that makes sense). If you care enough about me or someone then don’t just talk to God about me, don’t just pray for me friend, do for me friend, show me a way that will lead me out of the struggle and I will do the same for you (hopefully this is one way). Stop praying for people only. It is not enough, it never has been and never will be all that is needed.

Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Indians all prayed to the God’s for rain when they were in a water drought. For awhile they did actions that were rooted in beliefs to bring forth water. Sacrificing people, animals, resurrecting statutes and doing rain dances. Eventually, the only action that worked was migrating to another area.

Those who stayed rooted in believing in prayer only and stayed behind eventually passed away and those who chose to MOVE (action) survived. That’s all that I’m trying to get you to do as well. I want you to survive beyond the drought that you are currently in. I don’t want to see your years pass away and you still praying that one day God will answer your desires, needs and wants.  I’ve learned that things don’t have to be right or wrong, this or that. I’ve learned that we don’t always have to draw lines in the sand. We don’t always have to stand our ground in what we believe.

Like the heavens above us, we must leave room for expansion. Expansion is also an action, choosing is an action and you can choose to either Pray only or you can choose to Pray and Do. It’s possible that both separately work but I can only speak from experience that when you combine them both together that the results come faster than just believing and if we must, than just doing.

I don’t pray a lot  for people anymore, I DO for people in the ways that I can. Sure,we can be spiritual beings who believe solely in prayer but  if we are also claiming to be intelligent spiritual beings ,do we really believe that prayer alone is enough?

Reflect on your experiences and answer the question for yourself. From my experience? I started praying for change at the age 21 and very little happened, then, when I turned 25 I started doing and my entire world changed….









  1. I feel like I do get the things that I “pray” for or ask for. It comes from living and learning. Most of the things I ask for are things like to care less what people think, to be less worried about money, to be less afraid of things, like dogs, etc. I am asking for the ability to heal myself since I’ve read that’s possible. I’ll let you know how that goes. I am also kind of asking to have a different source of income, and I feel that will come in time, or some time soon. I ask and I live, and try to do the things that feel right or that seem appealing. I understand how people saying they will pray for you and not do for you might be annoying, though. That doesn’t happen to me. I can’t remember the last time someone said that to me. I would prefer not, because it sounds like they pity me. I hate that, always have, even before I started having more “dangerous” experiences.

    1. As you just said. You get the things you pray for from living and learning. Which is another way of saying doing something. It is not the prayer alone the gets you the things you ask for. Would you agree with that?

      1. yeah you have to live to see the path to it to see the how. I have to think about it, why things come: is it the doing or the miraculous appearing of things. I think by doing you allow things into your life, but the doing should be something that feels right in your heart, I think.

      1. I told you I’m asking for the power to heal myself, like a hurt shoulder, etc., so I guess the thing’s I’d “do” would be more like in my mind, changing my thinking, so I guess I would “do” something. But I feel I get some help in changing my thinking, sometimes I read stuff, sometimes stuff occurs to me (like things occur to the average person), I think a lot because I enjoy it. Do what you enjoy and that should answer your prayers.

      2. I clicked “like” since you are KIND OF right when I think about it. But you the doing should be what’s in your heart. Doing what’s in your heart is like having faith, it’s praying and then having faith. There are two parts to the thing, not just praying.

      3. Agreed. There are two parts. We simply have different opinions about the 2nd part I think. Which is beans well. Faith is fine but faith just like with prayer doesn’t work without work in my opinion. I have faith in myself and my desires but I don’t feel that they will come without me doing my part

      4. i don’t mean to keep dragging this on, but I mean sometimes you have to have faith to do things you want to do, but are afraid of the consequences. That’s what I’m talking about. Or sometimes I will do stuff that I previously thought of as unnecesary, like reading more opinions (books) on things because I have this curiosity. I follow the curiosity. You have to follow your heart and that takes some faith that things will be okay. That’s the part where this “higher power” comes in, it’s in believing in something greater than the fear or what people think or the consequences like having no money, etc. I want you to see what I’m saying because you might have a moment where it will encourage you to do something out of the ordinary that will make you feel like you can defy the odds, like how I’ve felt at times. I hope that’s not offensive, or belittling. That’s not how I mean it.

      5. It’s not belittling and I think that maybe you are confusing my believe in self with me not having faith which is not the case at all. I do things that I want to all the time with no worry about what others think. For example, this blog is one of those things. I write because it’s in my heart and spirit to do so which gives a connection to “a higher power” or if you will “christ consciousness” which should be the goal of humankind. We all have different paths, your path is the path that you need to walk in this moment. I agree that you have to have faith(belief) that things will be okay but when you understand that it will ALWAYS be okay no matter the decisions we make because there truly aren’t any “bad”decisions, then you also realize that having faith is just a small step in the’s you DOING or CHOOSING to follow whats in your heart regardless of what others may think that is the hardest..and also the more rewarding

  2. Good word Jay. The irony in your blog is that earlier today I was speaking with a co-worker about the existence of God and other spiritual matters, and then your blog post showed up in my inbox.

    Lately, the question that lingers in my mind has been, “Is God Real?” Having come from a relatively religious/spiritual upbringing, questioning God’s existence seems somewhat blasphemous to me. But I have to be honest because that is where I am in my “walk” right now. And it stems from the questions I have about why some people seem to experience blessing after blessing, while others seems to do nothing but struggle. I know that we (humans) are responsible for some–many actually–of the occurrences /circumstances in our lives, but it just seems like some folks get the short end of the stick no matter what. And it is because of these observations that I question the existence of God.

    I have talked about prayer with a few different people of varying “faith levels” recently and we seem to be dumbfounded about past and present circumstances. But alas, I am reminded of the scripture that says something to the effect of faith without works is dead. And that is the caveat that I gleaned from your blog entry. We cannot simply wish or pray our lives away. We must take action. And I am all about being an active participant in my life and that of others.


    1. I believe that it’s a fair question to ask. Is God real?I believe that once we start asking the tough questions about God we then begin to find real answers. This has been the case in my experience. I’ve reached a point where I lean more to a creator but not a god that answers prayers or cares what we do in this life time. God has not only decided to remain anonymous but invisible. It is only in our faiths and beliefs that we can decide whether God is real.

  3. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts. abdfgceefced

    1. I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my blog. I don’t get much feedback other than a few friends here and there. I am on Twitter under jnoetic. I don’t tweet much other than my fb blog updates but feel free to follow me

  4. Great post. You and I have always had very very similar beliefs. I do not pray. Instead I do the work. I dont ask a “God” for help but rather seek out whatever help I need. Action is definitely the key in my book and you made an excellent point about deflecting. I meet many people that use “God” as a crutch and say well if I’m poor it must be gods will or if I didnt get the job it must be gods will when in most cases they are poor because they dont work hard enough or they didnt get the job because they didnt prepare. If people stopped using god and prayer as a crutch I believe we would see much more focused, ambitious, successful individuals because they would hold themselves accountable. I too made a hard turn in my life. I was about 22 when I started to realize the things I had been taught as a child just may not be true. When I began seeking out other truths and stepped outside the box my family, my culture and society had put me in I became more successful then I could ever imagine and not just talking money but talking education, enlightenment and freedom. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pursuing in enlightening the world.

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