The Poets Corner

To Be or Not To Be

Be Strong Don’t Cry

Be unattached to emotions,keep those eyes dry

Boys in to Men, still unable to understand who we are

Taught to believe in another illusion that leaves permanent scars

The collusion goes full circle, attempting to be infinite

Little girls grow to be disillusioned women, relationships are no longer simple, they are intricate

Asking why are men not emotional, as if these men need a trip to the wiz

Then telling him that he is too emotional when he displays what he is

Confusion tightens and strengthen’s it’s grip on men. To be or not to be

To be emotional and alive or to be non-emotional and never consciously free..deadly

Maybe this is how it was always meant to be, disconnected, Does it come Naturally?

Believing that we are so different? Why do you we believe things so faithfully?

Without question? Without doubt?

Will men ever be able to cry on other’s shoulders and not be considered weak? Is there another Route?

A man who isn’t afraid to cry and express? Can we stereotype strength?

Too emotional are never the words a strong man wants to hear after you’ve been enjoying his length.

Girth, forever expanding around the topic of emotions, what is the measurement?

We are born with the same ingredients, why  not appreciate the endowment?

 Boy meets girl, girl meets boy and everything in between

Too emotional? That’s for people who don’t really know what it means…

Emotions, a sign of balance and being connected

Has been misconstrued as the opposite

Rarely appreciated or protected

And we wonder why men and women are disconnected

To be or not to be…Lets Be

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