Growth Moments Spiritual Awareness

Grow Closer To God

The main thing that we as human beings are often in search of is completeness. We could argue that everything that we have a motivation for such as more money, better jobs, a better car, a better wife or husband or a better you all fall into the category of  “finding completeness”. We “feel”  slightly empty at times no matter what it is that we accomplish. When we examine our lives we find that there is often still a feeling that something is missing, a void unfulfilled. We often have a feeling of wanting and needing more in our lives so we continue to search for more. More of this, more of that, it doesn’t really matter what the more is we just know that it’s not quite enough. And unless you have reached a level of spiritiual understanding we all are slightly guilty of this on a certain level.

I encourage all of my friends to always examine life, it’s extremely important in growth. And when you properly examine “the more”  you will see that it’s a constant chase for the things we believe that are just out of our reach. It seems out of our reach so we chase the dreams because we want more than what we currently have. But what happens when we get that more? It’s not good enough right? We want more! So we begin a new chase but more will never be enough to complete us. As I began my journey for chasing this completeness  I realized that what I was actually after was a better understanding of God, my place with God and how God  can fill this void.

What I learned is that as we grow spiritually you come to an understanding  that nothing outside yourself can complete you or give you the feeling that we are in constant search of. This is true even in the sense of God. The reason it can be said that God cannot complete you is because many people are looking for a God outside of themselves, when in truth God is inside of you. So yes, God may be able to complete you but not a God that exist outside of you and not without acknowledging your part.

If you can stop looking for the outside God and instead starting looking for the inside God the void that we fail to bring fulfillment no longer exist. God is much closer to us than we realize. Once we realize that God is inside of us, the only question that remains is what exactly is God? Some may even say the correct question is “who is God”. The answer to that question is not something that I or anyonelse can tell you. Who God is, is meant to be searched and discovered by the one on the journey. The belief that God doesn’t exist outside of us is not an easy one to comprehend, but if we can open our minds to the possiblity that this is true then we will see that the spirit energy that is God was placed in us at the moment of conception.

Therefore, when in search of God we must search within ourselves. When we search within the depths of our souls for the answers that we need, not only do we get them, a peace of overtakes us. Why would “a feeling of peace” come from within us? Because our spirit is within us and our spirit is what keeps us connected to God because our spirit is a piece of God put inside this physical form. We were never disconnected from God, we were never casted out from God. We have remained connected to God but we lost communication with the source. So understand that what you are chasing after will never be enough until you understand that you already are enough because God is enough because God dwells inside of you and God would never put itself in a less than form.

Once we begin cultivating our spiritual connection with God that peace that we feel, fills us and that allows us to be happy with where we are. This doesn’t mean that we have to be content with where we are, just that we are at peace with where we are but looking to do better not because we are chasing completeness but because we simply want to be better off in life. There is nothing wrong with getting more money, more shoes or the finer things in life but we can’t expect these things to fill what only we can do through the peace that God fills.

I understand what my connection with God is and it works for me. If you want to become a happier version of yourself, a better version of yourself and more fulfilled version of yourself, then you have to examine what God is for you, who God is for you and where you exist in it. This reexamination shouldn’t be the following of what you already know but instead questioning what you think you know and finding out what you don’t know. Upon completion of this reexamination in which you should start with yourself, you should begin to fill the void that you currently feel.

Grow closer to God, whatever that is for you. Stop trying to fill the void by filling your life with more things outside of yourself. Those things will not make you happy nor will they make you feel loved. Only you can do that. Understand that completeness is likely unlikely simply because to be complete means you have learned it all  and experienced it all, how then would you continue to grow? We will only be complete when our physical form ceases to exist and we have reconnected with the source from which we came.

Until then…question, listen, grow and believe

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