Spiritual Awareness

Moving on from the past

You cannot be your past for your past is not relivable only re-memorable. Your past cannot be in your present moment other than by thought. Every part of you has changed since then except maybe what you think. And it is what you think that manifests itself into a false reality of who you are now. When you realize that you have no control over your past but instead of your thoughts (which makes you feel) you realize you are only a thought away from changing into who you want to be in the future now.

{You are what you think}

I posted those words/thoughts on my Noetic Thoughts page earlier today for no other reason than to speak the truth. I learned a few years ago that more often than naught people are paralyzed in their life because they are still holding on to things that transpired in their past. I use to be one of these people who did this and with each passing year I became more and more frustrated in life.

But we can’t let our thoughts to control what we do and later on tonight I will writing more about it.


Stay Tuned.

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