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Spiritual Detachment: The Misconception

Hard work spent understanding self

Overcoming the false identity  of physical wealth

Keen awareness of being led by the ego

The best path to walk is the path of letting go.

Not understood by most they boast in their own airing’s

Unaware beings confuse detachment  with nonchalant and non-caring

Its the furthest from the truth the great misconception

A Perception of non-emotional driven actions

Cannot be rocked by false lies and bad energy

Nor Past or future memories living only in the present moment

Acknowledgement of the highs and appreciation of the lows but keeping the forward movement

 Elevations that transcend the physical; the spiritual  requires release

Attachment is not to you or things but only to finding a greater peace

It is not about not caring or being nonchalant

Its about Understanding perspectives and relating

Respecting opinions and communicating

Loving people as they are and where they are

But placing ones peace of being first and foremost

This is the art of spiritual detachment.. its not for most

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