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Heaven and Hell: Its Possible we’re living it.

I remember vividly when I was about 18 years of age being asked by someone important in my life if I thought I’d go to heaven or hell when I die? I was asked that question because I no longer wanted to go to church. My answer was of course I thought I’d be going to heaven but that I wasn’t sure. I was expected to be fearful of not only a place called hell but also of heaven. I didn’t truly understand the question any more than I understood what heaven or hell truly was. What I did know was in that moment in my life is that I was tired of being in fear of either or. I was ready to except either or because I felt like I was living in hell already.

A few years later I returned to a religious lifestyle, It was around the age of 22 when I decided that I would give it my best shot at understanding how to get to heaven and how to avoid hell. I remember being asked by a church peer if I believed in heaven and hell and did I think I was going to heaven? My answer was a profound yes. After all I did love Jesus Christ and had “given” my life to him. How could I not believe in both of these places but not think that I wouldn’t go to heaven? Behind close doors though I had way more questions than answers in regards to the process of heaven and hell.

Around the age of 27 I had already decided that a religious lifestyle no longer felt peaceful within my being(the spiritual struggle had to end) I had grown so much in my understanding of life, spirituality and God. I remember losing friends because of my decision to leave Christianity. They no longer wanted to be associated with someone whom they believed was going to hell. I remember a few of those last conversations in which they asked me if I thought i was going to heaven or hell.

My reply was no, I don’t believe I’m going to hell because I don’t believe in a physical place where I will spend eternity burning and no I don’t believe I’m going to a place called heaven where the streets are laced with gold. I told them that heaven and hell are a state of mind and being and that if God lives in a physical place called heaven then all beings that have a spirit will go back to this place from which we all came by design.

I’m now 32 years of age and what I can tell you about Heaven and Hell from the understanding I’ve come to be at peace with is that Hell exist in ones life when a person refuses to acknowledge their actions that place them inside a box. In this box of hell people place all their beliefs, actions and non-actions and try to call it absolute truth. They don’t allow any new form of light/information to enter into this box of walls other than what they already think know or hear. They only re-affirm what they themselves already know by listening only to other individuals who believe the same thing. How does a spirit/person grow by listening and rehashing the same material?

Is there a physical place called hell? The possibility does exist. But there is also the possibility that such a place doesn’t exist and that hell is living your entire life here on earth going through the motions believing that there is(real talk). We have to always remember that no living individual has ever been to a physical place called hell. As I have learned from those before me “our beliefs do not make it a fact”

Which brings me to the topic of Heaven. Many belief that a place called heaven exist but they also believe that in order to get there one must meet a particular set of requirements to do so. A person has to be “special” so to speak in order to reach it in the afterlife.

Side note here: Its interesting to note that people like to place “hell” in one box and “heaven” in another box not realizing that it all falls into the same box of beliefs that they are living in.  Like hell, heaven is a state of being, a state of mind. Many spiritual masters before us taught these lessons. They have taught that you can go from heaven to hell in seconds if you are not under control of your life.

Again, I must state that the possibility of an existing place called heaven described in books such as the bible will always remain possible until it has been proven it does not exist. But its also possible that it does not exist and that Heaven on earth is what we all are truly trying to find.

Which is also easier to find if the box we are living in has either been destroyed or renovated to allow more information in. In order to find a place or condition of utmost happiness(heaven) people need to stop having  in-equality in all areas of their life. Hell is saying you believe in a loving, all inclusive God/belief but then saying you can’t go to heaven if you arent like me.

It is much more likely that all spiritual beings living here on earth will return back from which it came (God/Heaven) than it is that All the different cultures and races created will convert to ONE particular belief.

Its possible that we all are correct and that there are multiple ways to be in heaven, get to heaven or be in hell or get to hell. It is also possible (as some people believe) that we are living heaven and hell right now.

For me personally, I have found more peace is accepting all possibilities than trying to narrow it down to an absolute one. I found more hell in living because of the need of wanting to be right in my belief. Whether we are choosing to believe in Heaven or Hell we are still choosing to believe in something outside of our control, something that a person can’t see or visit until our physical form has passed.

I am choosing to believe that we are all equal and that we all will reach the ultimate happiness no matter what we believe. I am choosing that heaven and hell are a state of being while living here on earth and I feel so at peace in this understanding. If I happen to be incorrect I also believe in a LOVING AND FORGIVING GOD that will accept me as is and will thank me for living my life the way best fits me.

And I’m not trying to convert you, I’m just trying to get you to let a little more information inside that box you may be living in. I’m not writing this to make you comfortable, I’m writing this to make you un-comfortable because thats really the only way you will grow…

How you living?

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