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Those we admire..

As I lay here typing these word using my Samsung note 2(a phone that my friends say is too big) I can’t help but think about my life and all the aspects that it entails. My mom told me today that she admires me.

My response probably should have been thanks mom but instead I said “there isn’t anything to admire mom I haven’t done anything, I’m just living my life the best way I can”.  I’m just now thinking about that statement for the first time tonight as I’m laying down.

It wasn’t that I was trying to belittle myself or to downplay my life. Its just that I personally don’t believe I’ve done much of anything to admire.  Maybe except writing a book that I have yet to publish but other than that I’m simply living free.

To me that’s nothing at all. I believe its the easiest thing to do when you know who you are and what you are striving to be. But I think often times what we think should come naturally isn’t so natural to someone else.

For example I admire those who can easily choose to continue education at the drop of a dime and make it look easy. I struggle with this. What do you admire?

So in hindsight with my mom admiring my life I wonder what part of my life does she admire? Is it the image or images that she sees or is it me just living in peace with myself.  Does she admire it because she isn’t, didn’t or hasn’t in her life? Or maybe she use to and just wants it back.

I don’t know but I do know we admire in others what we often want for ourselves.  And there is nothing wrong with admiring other people or admiring certain characteristics that other people have. I just wonder what keeps us from adding the same characteristics to ourselves that we admire in others?

Instead of just admiring why not start applying it to our lives? I have to believe that it comes back to us not believing in ourselves. Instead of asking why not me? And applying positive reinforcement we are stating why we can’t do something before we even ask why not me? We are applying the negative before the positive.

I admire my mom and I’ve worked hard at applying her characteristics to my life. Care free, loving, caring, forgiving, spiritual, knowledgeable, emotional to name a few. She says she admires me but really she should admire herself because what she admires in me is what she already is… I’ve just added my own little twist..


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