The Poets Corner

I’ve Been Using You…

I use you for my own pleasure…never for your own.

Minds will play tricks…. having you thinking someone finally threw you a bone

Feels good to you but feels better to me. I know the pleasure that I need.

You…the person of the moment.. simply happen to be the easiest way to give the beast its feed

I’ve been using you….

Intentionally doing so and not against your will.

I am not an evil person I just happen to know the deal

Voids unfulfilled….you and I both..cannot fill what we do not feel

I’ve been using you…

Stimulations of a degree but not of the highest….
.does my 3rd eye see? uncomfortable words unsaid

Lonely days and nights brings me closer to you…confusing because of what my actions have said

I don’t want to be here…feeling you…but I need to not be something ….i need not to be alone in my current state

impulsive decisions Sporadically clinging to randomly selected strangers who I feel nothing for.. ..but for a moment…fill a space

I’ve been using you….

Simulations of types of love…. momentarily blinding…hindering what I too know..we are not the winning loot

Ignorant I am not….but together we try to grow something …… but we are not of the same root

We only fit for a moment in the spectrum of false time….a day..a few hours at a time..we both know this to be true

Words unsaid, actions incomplete….voids unfulfilled..past decisions unforgiven…unable to love like we need…you have been using me and I’ve been using you…


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