A Verdict Unsurprising: Its not so Black & White

Please understand this was not a black vs white thing. This is a our justice system is broke thing. Innocent men get put in jail and criminals get off. I too am disappointed but I really didn’t expect he would be found guilty. The better (convincing) performance was on Zimmermans side. Understand that this is an injustice but it is OUR system. It is a flawed system but at least there was a trial, there are many countries where that is not the case., where there is not an innocent until proven guilty opportunity.  So in sense I am thankful for the system that we have.

This type of injustice though does not only happen in the state of Florida as many as my friends have stated in anger. We just don’t hear about it as often.. This happens all the time and it does not make it right or any easier to understand but it should make us more aware. I’m not surprised neither should you be. I feel no type of way other than, where do we go from here? What will we do to change what isn’t working? We are a nation still racially divided in our bias bigotry and beliefs and nothing will change unless every person unites for a injustice cause we all believe in..Like Egypt,Libya and Tunisia.  Maybe this can be it? Tonight there was not any justice for anyone.. Not even Zimmerman

Its not a black and white thing as the media has led us to believe. Keep this is in mind, It is better to keep us divided than it is to get us united. It’s a justice system thing from the top to bottom.. Race is an issue but it’s not  just in this case alone is what people need to understand and its not the only thing that exist. Underneath the racial undertones is a deeper issue.  Division is growing more and more because of the past hate held and not forgotten.

I’ve seen white people be happy for the wrong reasons(they say look at OJ) (I say look at the flawed system) and I’ve seen black people angry for what they think comes from this case alone but really it’s about everything else that is happening to the black male. It is not fake evidence about the demoralization of the black male because we can see just by driving into our nations communities that the demoralization is real and in full effect. This is something that has to change but we as a people(nation) have to do this. We cannot sit back and cross our fingers hoping that a flawed justice system will give us the justice that is needed.

That’s something that has to change. Expecting others to fix something that they themselves don’t see as broken. But to think this injustice or breakdown in the system is the first or last or that it only happens to black men is wrong in thinking. Does it appear to happen more? Absolutely!

People keep pointing to the Casey Anthony case in Florida as example as white vs black. Stating that a white woman can kill her child and get off in contrast to other black cases that went “against’ the black family. I must say that I’m deeply offended by people who like to be believe that  Americans and/or Florida natives were happy about the outcome of the Anthony case. Do you think the jurors in the Anthony case felt it was okay to let a beautiful child be murdered? It is not the job of the jurors to decide if it was okay, it is the job of the jurors to decide if enough evidence was given to justify placing someone in jail for the rest of their life. It was not a black and white thing it is another case of a flawed system.

I agree with all the statements about how race was involved in this case. From George Zimmerman racially profiling Trayvon to how the media identified GZ as a white male  initially. I also don’t think it would have unfolded the way that it did if it had been reversed.That is not what I’m debating or trying to bring to the forefront., we all should know that issue is a true reality of the times we are living in.

What I’m asking is this. What is going to be done now? A month from now, maybe in 2 weeks  or maybe even a day from now people’s profile pictures will be back to normal, the protest will be done, the talking about it will be over and nothing else will be done until this happens again. And believe me it will happen again in many states across our nation. But wait, in order for all of this to transpire the way that it would have to be caught by the right people willing to shed light on it.

This Trayvon Martin case would not have been heard without some major people catching wind of it and pulling some their power and resources into. Too many other cases (black, white and hispanic) go unheard because their is not a unified voice against the injustices that happen in our flawed system.

After all this media coverage dies down, what is going to happen? Thats the question I ask. Where is all this anger, sadness and disappointment going when all of this dies down? Is it going into actions that will unite people to fix these injustices or is it simply going to be placed into the back of our memories as another lost cause and simply accepted?

I personally am tired of people just talking the good talk or talking the good fight. To hell with that. People want me to believe they are truly outraged and no longer sitting back about all of the innocent lives being taken? Then you will need to show me and unite against it, please stop talking about it and be about it; don’t talk to me about it. Talk has never been cheaper than what it is right now when it comes to taking actions against a broken system.

Racial profiling is what led to this and honestly it  could have been avoided if GZ simply went the other way or maybe just stayed back a little to see where Trayvon was going. To me that alone makes GZ guilty of SOMETHING but I was not chosen to be on the jury. As a black man I would not have had sympathy for GZ because I know what it feels like to be wrongfully accused and racially profiled, so I’m glad that GZ’s life was not in my hands.

To many people he was guilty but it was not proven without a shadow of doubt and therefore he is a free man. It is nonot his fault that the system is flawed and worked in his favor. If I were GZ(thankfuly I am not) I’d be very happy that I’m not spending the rest of my life in jail but I’d be pretty confident in  betting that  he will be looking over his shoulder for a very long time. And living in TRUE fear of your life is not justice but maybe that’s the only justice he deserves….

Until then remember this quote “Change doesn’t roll in on wheels of inevitability but comes through continuous struggle. So we must straighten (our) … backs & work 4 freedom,” Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, New Jersey said, quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
“Bigotry & hate won’t just quietly disappear – nor be defeated by more hate. It’ll take stubborn, relentless, unyielding love & service.

Until next time…..take action


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