The Poets Corner

Oh These Dreams

Dreams of us finally intertwined like a ball of rubber bands.

Connected on every level I see that our love can finally stand.

Memories of you leave the most vivid pictures in my mind.

I walk the thin red line of fantasy and reality sometimes they seem to be one of a kind.

In Any Case….

My heart races at a frantic pace whenever you are in my place of solitude

You do not force yourself into my lonely universe and for that you have my gratitude.

But like water falling on earths grounds, you seep into my roots, into my core.

And yet I can’t for the life of me seem to block it even after you told me what your boots were made for.

Nor do i want to so my dilemma will continue to remain like bacteria on human skin.

But it will not spread or grow from outside in but from within

And I allow this growth because I realize there is not a me without you( thats not true)

But this I know you knew

And even though we are through, our souls still manage to dance with the power of Gods.

Doing what we thought was impossible, giving love the approval nod.

Memories and dreams so strong I can taste the lipstick on your lips.

I can still feel the sway of your hips and the passion in your eyes.

Somehow you always managed to look right through my disguise.

Are these dreams just selling me a dream?

Giving me a false hope, a reality that is not even close to what it seems?

A wonderful dream and a nightmare in one.

For I know when I awake with the rising sun

I’ll be holding tight the pillow that catches my unheard tears.

And between all the thing that I fear

Loneliness stands alone

So i sleep much

wanting to feel that soft touch

that gives me goose bumps on my spleen

Oh how I love to hate these dreams

I know that I can’t continue to walk perfect on this balance beam.

I eventually must fall to aside….eventually I must pick a team.

On my left is the side to let you go and on my right is where I hold on tight.

I am use to walking in the middle because it was where I could see both within my sight.

oh these silly dreams of mine

Keep me locked up in no specific place or time

In a place where beautiful music is made by wind himes

And the art of lovemaking is study in various forms.

But most of all the art of loving one another is always performed.

oh these dreams, these dreams that communicate in a language that only my heart understands.

Always comes to an end much quicker than what I have planned.

Tomorrow will most a surely come and awake me, this I know is true

And no matter how hard I try to fight it…my body will awake as if on cue.

But even as I awake I could never stop dreaming of you……..

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