The Poets Corner

The Most Anonymous

The creator of life has decided to remain anonymous. No one knows the creators real name but it has been decided that we shall call her God.

As a strategist I decided to write my own synopsis about this. Because maybe we bestowed upon anonymous too much power that the creator never really desired.

I admire those who like to place everything on Anonymous and fervently believe that the creator rules with a firm rod. Approving or denying miracles as if a snob.

But I ask, what if God was never the plan? What if Gods name was simply Bob? Not to diminish the power of God but whats really the power in a name? Because maybe God was never the intention.

I should mention that by definition God means “being perfect in power, wisdom and goodness, ruler of the universe” says very little about creating life and Bob means Robert and Robert means bright fame. But maybe thats all the creator wanted….to be known.

Now don’t think me wrong, because I believe in the creation above me but I also believe in the creation all around me…the ultimate reality. Wise folks know that God is The I am. Which means God is whatever we need God to be.

So in a sense the creators name could be God but again what if it was just Bob?

I’m not afraid to question the unknown and I’m not ashamed to say I don’t know. But truthfully neither do any of you. We only know what we believe and beliefs don’t make facts.

So I refuse to place the creator of the universe in a box. I will not make the creator into a stereotype like the far right. And I will not say that creator doesn’t exist like the far the middle if where I find sight.

To believe that the creator of the universe cares about what we do would be to ignore the obvious. Which makes me wonder? Was God really the intention of the creator of life? If we remember the definition and place our bias to the side…

Would God stop the genocides and homicides? Would God really choose a side? Would God continue to just let innocent people die? Maybe Bob would but God? Thats a shame but again whats the power in a name?

The creator of the universe has decided to remain anonymous. No one knows the creators real name but it has been decided that the creators name shall be God, but the conscious write their only synopsis.

Because maybe being God was never the idea, maybe it was never THE design. maybe we created our own image of God and evolved it over time.

Because the creator of life has decided to remain Anonymous we have placed our own expectations onto someone or something else.Its easier to look away than to look within..perspectives…I guess it just depends.

I’ve seen good and bad people pass away naturally still waiting for the messiah. But maybe that wasn’t the creator of life’s true desire….to liberate

Maybe the creator of life became lonely and simply wanted a friend.Maybe the creator of life was dying and decided that in an effort to not let all be lost…created its seed.

The truth is there is no way to know but what we believe is not a fact; in fact its a concept and a concept is merely a thought. If we think it does it make it true? If I said I think you’re God….one could only wonder

Are you?

Because see, the creator of life has decided to remain The Most Anonymous and allowed us to write our own synopsis about what or who God is. And I’m not trying to make your blood pressure throb.

All I’m saying is what about Bob? (Bright fame)

Mission accomplished


  1. I’m no expert on the book I’m reading; it’s often difficult to understand and I’m only on chapter five out of thirty-one, but I think it says in chapter four that God created us to increase his joy because the only way to increase joy is to share it. And we can create things to share our joy with others. Interesting thoughts. I like asking questions as well; it can be so exciting to find what seem like answers.

    1. Sometimes when we read new knowledge for the first time its not quite understood and we have to sit it down to return to it later..maybe its 2 months maybe its a year but when we return to it we “get it” because we grown to a point to understand it. That is what happened to me the first time I read the power of now or The law of attraction. I believe we should question everything until we find peace in the answer

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