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Revolutionary (Excerpt from my 2nd book I’m working on)

Chapter 1: Revolutionary

“My revolution might not be televised but it will be broadcasted with one solitary sound wave, my voice.”

Too much time is spent trying to fortify our lives with the justification of others. We speak like others, dance like others and even at times carry our daily lives like others.  I will go on record and say that this is not always a bad thing to do in our lives but (and there seems to always be a but) we as spiritual beings need to do a better job at making sure we are mimicking and truly understanding individuals that will help better our lives not hamper them or damage them.

At the same time in order to reach higher levels of pure consciousness we have to make sure that we find a balance between someone else’s voice and our own.  If we can’t recognize the voice that comes out of our own mouths then we will lose our way, lose our vision and lose our identification.  We can look around at our society and see that the majority of people no longer have their own voice.  They broadcast loudly beliefs that have been thrust upon them by parents, friends, media or the church for example. The individuals that choose to broadcast in their own belief system, their own voice is looked upon as either Geniuses, specially gifted or slightly off their rocker.  Our society has lost respect for authentic revolutionaries and now praise those individuals speaking the same things as themselves.  But where is the growth in that?

In the search for finding peace people have decided that its better to fit in instead of standing out.  Its possible that you yourself have turned into this individual you no longer understand. This happens to all of us because we learn from those who raise us. We speak with their voice for the early parts of our lives. As we age and step into our adult years we begin to learn from the people we surround ourselves with. This is typically individuals from work or those we socialize with on a daily basis.

This is not to say that these individuals are wrong in what they teach one another but it is to say that we should never take things for face value.  Is what they are teaching you based on fact or belief? Is what you teach someone else based on facts or simply what you believe? It is up to you to decide what you allow into your spirit, it is up to you to decide what is fact and what is fiction. No one else can tell you what the truth is.

That is why its important for you to find what resonates deeply within yourself as truth.  The time for surface level information has passed. The world is always changing and its time for you to change with it.  We as uniquely created beings were never meant to march to the drum beat of others.  Your voice is just that yours. Its time that you stop speaking a language that you truly don’t understand. What this means exactly is that you as a authentic individual will have to think for yourself, fact find

for yourself and quite possibly go against the grain by yourself.

However;  know that the road less traveled doesn’t always have to be a lonely one as we are often quoted as saying. The road less traveled can be filled with individuals walking the same path of truth seeking that you are marching to.  In order to find these people it does require stepping outside of your comfort zone, this requires you to color outside the lines and this requires you to think outside the box that you might have been living in.  In order to broadcast in your own authentic voice the walls that you have built have to be torn down. This is one of the ways that you find true peace, by deciding that you will live this life your way.

The question is, does this mean that you can’t take any advice from others? Absolutely not! It is not possible for an individual to know all things. We as human beings will never know it all or be able to gather all the information we need by ourselves in order to grow to levels that seem out of reach. In order to reach new heights we have to surround ourselves with individuals who “get it” or study materials on the subject that we desire to grow in. “There is nothing new under the sun” information is simply rediscovered.

Rediscover your voice today by not allowing the worries about what others think of you or about you to be no more. Be a rebel to possibly discovering new ideas, new thoughts and possibly a new belief system that is more in tune to how you feel inside. Many people will not be able to hear the new frequency that you will be operating in. This list includes lovers, family and friends but its important to recognize that this too is okay if they don’t get it, its not your responsibility to make them “get it”, its only your responsibility to love them for where they are in their life without placing expectations onto them.

Revolutionary people don’t expect people to change just because they say so, they simply believe that by living as an example of authentic living that the rest of the world will reconnect with that energy radiating out of them. Our world is changing and many people are looking to be nurtured with true knowledge and authentic leaders. These individuals that will lead will have to stand out from the crowd by speaking in their own true voice. Are you one of these leaders? You can be if you so desire but you must start dialing into the frequency you so wish to broadcast to the world right now.

Your desire to find balance in life will begin when you start speaking in the only voice that matters; yours. The question that many people ask me is how do I know if its my own voice that is speaking, my own path that I’m walking? Honestly? I could sit here and say that you will feel a certain away inside, people will swarm to you or everything around you will slow down; but its different for everyone. The only thing that I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt is that you will simply know.


  1. I feel the challenge to be yourself has to be the biggest challenge people face. I relate to a lot of things you said; I told someone once that I hoped to someday write something that would encourage others to march to the beat of their own drummer. It is not easy to do, but there are books out there already that encourage this, like the one I’m reading now. But probably almost every book I’ve ever read made me feel like I could be myself/made me feel less weird and alone.

    1. I would agree its the biggest challenge because we first have to figure out exactly who it is we are. With every layer that we strip away we realize that most of everything that we define as ourselves is still everything that was taught to us by others. You pretty much have to start over with a clean slate and say do I agree with this and if not what do I agree with. Most of the books that teach marching your own drum are found in “new thought sections” What are you reading now?

      1. Yes, so true that “most of everything we define as ourselves… was taught to us.” I’m reading A Course in Miracles. I read a description on FB saying it’s about forgiveness and I agree, but it’s also to me about what’s true and false (and consciousness)–something I’m very interested in. The Power of Now addresses this, too.

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