Growth Moments

My Answer is Yes

I often tell my friends that life is an experience where there are no mistakes, where there is not any bad decisions. I teach anyone who has an open mind and a listening ear about how I came to my spiritual place because I believe without a shadow of doubt that the peace I have within myself is the same peace they too are searching for. I am not stating that I do not struggle with emotional concerns because after all I am human. But what I am stating is that I’m at a great place that has me centered and I know I’m leaving positive imprints on the people whom I come in contact with.

Those who know me; know that I believe that if you are intune with your spirit that it in turn will lead you towards the people, situations and objects that you need most in your life. I had the opportunity to meet someone today that asked to be my spiritual guide when I’m ready to take the next step towards my journey. Most people might have been taken aback by such a untypical question but I was not.

Before I go into my response let me fill you in on a few things that I feel are extremely important to understand. The first being that I believe that the universe and God will send you people for you to learn from  but also to teach; and as my friend Taylor said to me the other day  if we’re lucky “to do both at the same time”. This gentleman who asked to be my spiritual guide is a person that I only happened to know exist only because of a communication breakdown between one of my trainers and him. For the sake of identity let us call him….John

It was I that mended a relationship that “John” felt had been broken. I did this not because I wanted to but because it was my duty and responsibility  as Personal Training Manager to do so. I’m not one to toot my own or anything but of course I did a marvelous job at remending that situation. So I hope you understand I only met “John” because of a simple slip up.

Today; “John” came into my office because I am the one person that he knows other than my trainer who he is extremely happy about training with; to let me know he needed to reschedule his appointment. As he looked down on my desk he saw that I had the book ” A new earth: Awakening to your lifes purpose” in front of me. He asked who was reading that book and I proudly said I am.

And from there the flood gates opened to dialogue that I had never really had. For the first time in maybe years I was able to talk to someone who believed in the same thing that I did. I was able to say how I felt and know that it made sense. It felt good to sit there and talk about the spiritual journey and the peace that comes with it. The smile on “Johns” face was probably bigger than mines; which I find almost impossible because i was smiling like a kid playing in the mud.

Finally I felt understood and even more I felt like here was a person who is ahead of me in this peaceful journey and he geniunely wanted to lead me because as he said “You are soooo close”. And he is right; I am very close and even though it seems like a lonely road right now, I am very proud to be on MY path, my road, my desire. And as I grow i am determined to CHANGE the people who like me seek a peaceful mind, body and soul. If you are within my reach I hope that you can feel my energy.

So yes; I told “John” that when I am ready to take the next leg of my journey that I would gladly allow him to be my spiritual guide. Not because I trust him but because RIGHT NOW its my turn to learn and grow. I moved from Virginia to Florida to spread my wings wider and to fly higher than i was. It is my time and I know this because it is always my time just like it is always your time.

Its important to be able to understand that you don’t have all the answers and its even more important to be able to hear when God is asking you to listen from within. Well I’m listening and my answer is yes…..

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