Reflection Spiritual Awareness

Morning Revelations

What are your first thoughts when you first awake? Are you thoughts work related, family related or self related? The thoughts you think about when you first awake are normally the things that either over consume your life or need to be worked on a little more. So which is it for you?


This morning when I awoke my first thoughts that came to me were the words “there is something powerful about giving up control”. What do you think that means? Does it mean that in my life I try to control every outcome? No it doesn’t; I will tell you what it means for me. As I mentioned in the opening the thoughts that you have when you awake either consume you or need to be worked on a little more in your life.


For me, the last few years I decided to stop trying to control the things that I couldn’t control. The day that I started to let go of it all things in my life seemed easier to deal with. It felt as if the weights had been taken off of my back and out of my life. This doesn’t mean that I stopped caring for people or the complications in my life but what it means is that I started to live.


I started to live for life, love, peace and God. I gave up control over the bills I could not afford to keep on paying, the relationships that were unhealthy and more importantly I stopped trying to control what other people thought about me. I guess the questions is this though, if I gave up all this control in my life why did I have that thought this morning?


I figure the reason is this, it will always be a process of trying to not take back control over things. It is natural in todays society to want to be the head person in control of everything and in truth you are in charge of your life. The problem as i see it is trying to be in control of things that are unnecessary for spiritual advancement.  Spiritual advancement is peaceful advancement and peaceful advancement in our life leads us to a happier life on earth.


Giving up control equates to no worries and no worries means less stress. Control what you can control and watch your doors open for you.  Control your career path, your spiritual path and your life path. The saying let go and let God is a powerful affirmation because if you truly Let God control things out of your reach you will then begin to heal your mind. If you heal your mind your clarity will be enough to hear your spirit. Its a process because when you start to hear your spirit you heal your spirit and then you are able to heal your body.


Very rarely can any of these things happen when you hold onto control so tightly. What are you thoughts in the morning? What controls your life? Do you control those things are do they control you? Remember what your first thoughts are in the morning by taking notes and see if there is reoccurring pattern in them.


For me; I have to continue to remind myself that I am not in control of everything that I want and need in my life. It is a daily practice, a daily reminder and a daily meditation. “I am not in control but I am the leader of my life”

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