Reflection Spiritual Awareness

Attraction based on thoughts and the acceptance of it.

Do we attract more than just opposites? We all know the saying that opposites attract but how do we attract the opposite of what we want or desire? Why would we want to and can we control it? It can’t simply be by our energy that we attract the opposite but then again maybe it is. But what if we attract by thought and energy? There are many books that exist that speak of such “thought provoking” ideas(the bible being one of them).  If this is true; that we attract our opposites (which it is) then that must also mean that we attract similar for we know if there is one on one end that it must be yet another on the other end. The ying and yang, the positive and negative, the good and the bad. It is what we call balance in our universe. Do me a favorable gesture, keep that in mind as you continue to read. Remember that you need balance to exist in peace.

What are we attracting in this life that we live? This life that you and I wake up everyday to be part of can be very challenging at times wouldn’t you agree? For some it may seem like the challenges are a daily problem and for others it is a daily opportunity to achieve new milestones, it really depends on your perspective (but this is also the case of life). Still; some of these challenges come in many different perspectives, scenarios and people.  None of which we typically can see or pay focused attention to until the right now moment.

In the ideal situation I’m sure that you and I would rather have the hindsight of seeing it coming; instead of being caught unsurprisingly surprised. To have an perfect understanding of the situation afterwards is a growth moment and it is true that hindsight is 20/20 and one could argue that foresight is spiritual death. But still, we would rather be able to see the future present in order to avoid the awkwardness of not having a clue of how to handle the situation in the present now. But I ask; where would the growth come from if we already knew what was predetermined? The irony in that is the fact that nothing is predetermined unless you remain focused on one particular option even when you realize it is a crash course on the hard knocks of life. (Many do this)

There is a saying that “Life just happens” but I ask you this! Does life just happen to you or do you happen to life? To be explained another way; do the things that has or have transpired in your life simply happened to you because it’s a “life” thing or do the things going on in your world exist because you are bringing it to you?

That’s a question that often is not asked and could change your life drastically if examined properly. I am not one to tell you what is a proper examination by any means but I am one who is willing to lend a new but old perspective answer.  Its an question of significant importance because if you decide that you happen to life then that means you are taking ownership of what you allow into your life and what you allow out of your life.

If you are going to continue take ownership of the fact that life happens to you then you are admitting that you have no control over the particular details happening right now! Lets be clear, there is nothing wrong with this perspective, in fact it works for many people; I would probably argue that this “perspective” is the way the majority of society lives life. Life just happens. But whats the balance with this? Where is the yang if that is the ying?

I’ve taken up a new spiritual living theory (new for me but old to our ancestors). I decided a few years ago to begin making anew. I decided I needed a new thought process that differed from what I grew up accepting. I decided that I wanted to be different from those around me and that I wanted be one of the spiritual beings that brought my being, to life’s happenings. What that meant was that I had to put responsibility onto myself for ALL that existed in my individual world not just some things. It meant that I had to accept the fact that while things may pretend to be what it is; it is rarely if ever how it has to be; meaning that I controlled EVERY direction of the outflow and inflow of “life happenings”.

This is not to say I am God or that you are God and it is definitely not to say that God does not help me or you; but it is to say that God only sends us what we send out of our being and what we send out of our being is an universal law of what we want. This thought process has begun to change my living, it has given me new breath and I am thankful for the open mind and clarity of this.  Can I tell you the hardest part about this clarity?

Its that when I look around at  my friends,  family and my loved ones who are currently struggling with “something”(and possibly for awhile) I am unable to get them out of the situation that they are in. I see their hurt, frustration and difficulty and yet I know that they truly can only get out of the hell they are in only by themselves. There is not an action that I can do or words that I can say that will pull them out of their daily challenge. And the same holds true for you and the ones you care mostly about.

What you can do however; is be a living example of what life can be. It is not merely by words that they will learn best, it is by your actions that will teach them most. But if your actions and situations are identical to theirs, what are you teaching one another? Who is teaching who and is it possible that the reason your history seems to be repeating itself is because it has never left in the first place? I encourage all of my readers to take responsibility of your life right now.

Understand this; your friends are your friends because you chose them. Your debt is your debt because you chose to add to it. Your abusive relationships exist because you have chosen to stay in that environment. Your unhappiness at work exists because you have allowed someone or something to flow into your being or because you have decided to stay there. Your re-occurring bad habits continue to exist because you fail to acknowledge them and to change them. Your unhappiness in the physical life directly mirrors your unhappiness in the spiritual. That is simply the truth, it is not God that is testing you, it is you who is testing you.

If there were ever such a test that God created for you it would be a test that measures your spiritual growth. And your spiritual growth can be a daily activity if you take ownership of the challenges standing still in your life. Why haven’t you grown? Is it outer or inner influence?

I believe that we attract all that we want and all that we don’t want with our continuous thoughts and its then with our infinite actions that bring our thoughts into a situational reality. Take control of all the actions and thoughts that presents itself. Actions take a plan and thoughts take meditational clarity. The things that are outside of our control we should learn to be at peace in regards to it and allow it to “be”; in order to allow it to pass by harmlessly to you and I. To do anything else would be to invite it into our peaceful place.

These are my thoughts for today and it may be the beginning of a new book. J  I hope you have enjoyed and may you be bringing all that you need to overcome your struggle.

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