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I tried monogamous dating and that shit’s for the birds….


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Well this is Awkward:Religious Insensitivity


“Let us bow our heads and pray in order to give thanks to Jesus for this food that we’re about to receive“. I stand there for a moment looking around the room; waiting for someone to acknowledge that I don’t believe in this practice anymore and haven’t for over eleven years but no acknowledgement comes…. Read More ›

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Rebel for A Cause


A closed fist is THE universal symbol that someone is angry and ready to fight. A closed fist in the air is THE universal signal that someone is ready to fight for their cause. When more than one person accumulates in one place with closed fist and hands in the air it is THE universal… Read More ›

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Monsters in the Bed: Enough IS Enough


What keeps us up at night? If you’re like me there are countless hours spent in the dark staring at the ceiling fan or flip-flopping trying to find comfort. Often times when our lives are full of noise it becomes hard to shut it off. Especially, when you’re alone with only your thoughts to keep you company…. Read More ›

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Monsters in Bed: Monster Mistakes


If you read my last blog, we talked about the monster “enough” and how I deal with it through a process of healthy habits that develop pride. The pride of progressing or working towards where I want to be is truly uplifting in terms of answering the question of if I am enough. For me… Read More ›

God Understanding »

Taking No Responsibility: How Blaming the Devil and Thanking God Is Holding You Back


I am unapologetic when it comes to speaking the truth about the things that we as human’s do and don’t do. Our actions intrigue me because I believe that at our core, we all are very similar and identical and I believe at the core of all the things we claim to be or not… Read More ›

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For the love of…Love


That glow is ineffable as it penetrates. Magnetizing your being you had no inkling that love…love was equivalent to a kill switch. Saving you from the detriment determined to birth you renewed. They never sung hymns of warning solely those foretelling of her glory and the aftermath of a reconstruction.

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Apology Not Included: How to Garner forgiveness without an apology


Nervous about the words I was about to speak to my father I hesitated to say them even though they were on the tip of my tongue. I had rehearsed them prior to dialing his phone number but even in that moment I wasn’t sure how it would be received. It took me years to… Read More ›

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Are you a Priority?

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